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what do you do when you notice something different?

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saladsandwich Thu 20-Oct-11 15:37:29

do i just write them down and just wait till january when he sees the community paediatrician again? or do i ring them up? or do i just leave it and see if he's still doing it come january?

at home ds as taken to playing with cars and nothing else and the majority of his play is lining them up, he did this before but it's becoming to the point of obsession, he sometimes groups them into colours or the type of car they are.

do i let him just keep doing this? he has a massive fit if i even open the box they go in, i did put them away once but his behaviour became unmanageable. he dreams about cars/taxi' ect, he never sleeps i've caught him walking about the upstairs saying "play cars" at 3am in the morning. he's not even 3 yet i don't know what to do for the best.

something else thats really started distressing him is things that are broken or somethings missing off it. even food, if i chop things in half he tries to fix them its. ginger bread men are a no-no because if they snap in half mid way through eating them he becomes so upset, chips, pasta and chocolate he tries fixing them too and gets upset when they don't stick back together.

but he's getting better with other things, his speech he couldn't talk 5 months ago, he's now coming out with grammatically correct sentences just the pronounciation is not quite right...he's also getting better with other children although he is copying exactly what they are doing rather than playing with them

sorry to ramble, not had any sleep really for about 2 weeks and it's catching up on me x

lisad123 Thu 20-Oct-11 16:38:28

if your waiting on dx, i would be tempted to write them down as his appointment isnt too far away.
TBH I cant see what the pead would do anyways. TBH i would be tempted to let him continue playing but slowly try and involve yourself in his play. start by just sitting beside him, then slowly try and touch, they hold, then noise. Take it really slowly. This way, he will get used to playing with people and knowing cars is not a alone activty all the time.

sadly we have noticed dd2 obbessive behaviours becoming more as shes getting older sad

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