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How long for ADOS after the referral was made.

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purplemurple Thu 20-Oct-11 14:44:11

DS 7 suspected AS with sensory and motor issues. He has been in the system since May 2010 (18 mth) and in that time he has been seen by the paed x 3 and assessed by SALT, OT, Physio, and EP. After our last paed app the report states that they believe he has Asperger Syndrome but he needs the ADOS.

We were referred to CAMHS (Jul) who carry the ADOS out in this area but I have been told we are looking at a wait of 12 - 18 mth possibly longer.

He has a weekly social skills in a group with BEST and that is the only support, differentiation he gets. (he is in MS Y3).

OT just gave us some info sheets to help his sensory problems, Physio saw him weekly for a few months but he was discharged in Jul but they only gave help with his gross motor skills. His fine motor skills haven't been assessed, other than to ask can he use cutlery (fork yes, knife no) can he do buttons (no because he has button phobia) Zips (only if i put the zipper in the teeth).

The waiting is really getting to me now, we have implemented at home visuals etc. When I read threads about the right time to tell your dc about their dx, I know the time is now for my little man. He knows he is different and that he struggles with things that other children can do, he will quite matter of factly state that he is weird, stupid etc. I praise him and tell he is really special but I wish I could say well actually .....................and that makes you even more special. The waiting is horrible aaaarrrggghhhh

bochead Thu 20-Oct-11 17:14:40

NICE NHS guidelines say 6 months. However in our case it took 2.5 years : (

Apply for a statement of special needs anyways to keep yourself occupied while you wait.

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