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What do your children wear instead of pilmsoles?

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lisad123 Wed 19-Oct-11 21:35:27

Dd1 has special inserts in her shoes and as she only has one set, she has to wear trainers all day. She's due to be fitted with casted inserts as her feet are slightly odd shaped due to club foot as a baby.
Dd2 has hypo-mobility, and so at the moment spends all day in her boots and high tops and good support.
Both schools are pretty good but as both are autistic once someone makes a remark they get upset. Physio has said neither girls should wear plimsoles or wellies.
So what do your children wear? They are going though shoes very quickly!!

starfishmummy Wed 19-Oct-11 21:49:29

Ds wears afos (splints) and we just get whatever shoes or trainers go over them - it usually means we end up with Clarks. The physio said we didnt need a good fit as the afos provide all the support - so in theory i could just get something cheap but have never found any that accommodate the afos and straps. We also get a pair of properly fitted shoes or trainers that just fit his feet iyswim - we usually need his splits are forever going back for readjustment.

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