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Multi Agency meeting- what to expect?

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3ismylot Tue 18-Oct-11 11:14:45

Hi all wondering if you can help.
DS1 is 5 and has always been quite hyperractive and full on from a very young age and there has been concerns since playgroup about his behaviour but they kept trying to say it was diet related or that he would calm down in a school environment, we had a few issues in early years that got progressively worse as the year went on include many incidences of flooding the sinks. Since year one started in september I have been pulled up at hometime at least once a week because he has caused problems in school (hitting, biting, refusing to do work, breaking things and general bad behaviour) but it all came to a head last week when he actually escaped from the school grounds! We live about 10 mins from school and he decided he needed to ask me something and set off to come home, he was found trying to cross the road by a parent who returned him to school but he couldnt understand why people were worried as he fully intended to return to school once he had spoken to me!
He is a very bright lad and loves lego and computers and loves to read instruction manuals but he does struggle with behaving in social situations and cant be quiet.

He has been working with an early intervention worker who has said that his problems are not emotional or parenting based and he is being assessed by the ed pysch today with the multi agency meeting planned for 7th nov

What can I expect from the meeting and how does it feature in the process of getting a diagnosis?

Im just so confused by everything on the internet as he fits into so many catergories but then is the complete opposite to the rest so could it be he has multiple syndromes or could he just be a naughty child?

Any help/advice/support gratefully recieved x

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