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Sons already in SN school. ADHD? LONG!

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TalesOfTheUnexpected Mon 17-Oct-11 21:12:23

Don't want to drip feed. I've posted here before. I have 2 sons - aged 6 (non-id twins). Both visually impaired, both GDD. Son 2 has had leukaemia for the past 2 years. Just one year of treatment to go.

I have a NT daughter (aged 8) as well and am a single parent. Ex is not on the scene.

For the past year or so, I realised that Son 1 has some extra problems, maybe ADHD? He can't sit still. He falls off chairs constantly because he's wriggling. He interrupts me ALL THE TIME. He talks all the time. Not repetitiveness ... it's hard to explain. He just won't shut up or stop moving. He builds models out of cereal boxes and paper every single day. He shouts! I've had his hearing tested a number of times but it's perfect. He does sleep well though.

I just wondered was there any reason to get this flagged up with the school/ Social Workers / anybody other agency to perhaps get the reason for this behaviour 'rubber-stamped'?

I know he's already in a SN school but tbh his behaviour is becoming more and more challenging and I'm worrying about him.

Anyone out there who can advise or help? Please? I do get help from a Direct Payments Carer and I have family support but Son 1 is driving me to the brink of despair. He's wearing. He's really, really, wearing.

Ineedalife Mon 17-Oct-11 21:45:25

It is a long time since my Dd1 was tested but I think there is now a specific test for ADHD which could be done by you and his school. I think it is called the Connors test or something like that, you and the school fill in a questionairre and this gives an indication of whether he has ADHD.

Dd1 was always flitting from one thing to another and never stopped talking she was very full on but she did sleep, I never managed to get a Dx for her in the end, she was discharged when she was 9. I think she actually has ASD as well as ADHD.

Can you ask your paed next time you have an appointment or maybe phone and ask to see someone about your concerns.

I was on my own with Dd1 for a while so I know how exhausting they can be and I only had herhmm.

Hope you manage to get some helpsmile.

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