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The 4 things DD hates the most.

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ZombiesAteYourCervix Mon 17-Oct-11 19:40:32

Raisins - It has transpired that last weeks school refusal explosion was down to someone eating raisins at lunchtime.

Pumpkins - Bloody halloween.

Seaweed - makes visits to the beach and swimming in the sea occasionally traumatic.

Chalk - on paper. makes art lessons sometimes difficult. and explains art refusal last year.

I'm sure next week there will be more to add to the list.

EllenJaneisnotmyname Mon 17-Oct-11 19:41:57

I can totally understand the seaweed one! <shudder>

silverfrog Mon 17-Oct-11 19:44:11

it's great that she is articulating what is upsetting her, though smile

if necessary, these things can now be tackled, or worked around.

she has some pretty big food issues, from what you have said previosuly - it is possible (as in, some parents have managed to get this for their child) to get school to arrange a separate place for ehr to eat ehr lunch, so that she is not put off by detested food items - aversions are strong things (as you are finding out!)

ZombiesAteYourCervix Mon 17-Oct-11 19:49:28

She is in a particularly good mood at the mo, hence the conversation in the car earlier. After last week it also looks like school have listened and she has said all her teachers now have her IEP and have all made an effort which she has noticed.

I'm sure it won't last - with half term looming and then the usual back to school shite - but it's nice while it lasts.

XxAlisonxX Mon 17-Oct-11 21:15:57

sorry but iv had to jump in on this, i wonder if we could do a list of all the things that the kids have quirky moments with for out of curiosity to see how many differant/the same ones and how we deal or avoid them if you get my idea.

my dd has these.

Airfreshners in cars, perfumes, deoderants, smelly candles - makes travelling in taxis a nightmare, or others can be offended in her reaction.

Eggs- any form ( yet again i think its the smell, but she wont eat egg

hairbrush- even the menchion ov it n we have meltdown, and even getting it near the hair now thats a challenge on its own.

Ineedalife Mon 17-Oct-11 21:23:36

I need to ask Dd3 so might come back tomorrow, I wonder if she will be able to tell mehmm.

My thoughts would be:
Peas... not allowed any where near her plate, ever!
Cheese Scones... She bit one once thinking it was sweet and promptly gagged.
Stones in her shoes... even microscopic onesgrin.

XxAlisonXX... I have the air freshner/perfume one too, I can't stand them. Especially in the car.
I don't do egg either.

babyheavingmassofmaggots Mon 17-Oct-11 21:27:57

Toast. DS is absolutely shit scared of toast. Cue toddler dd running after screaming school age DS waving a piece of toast as she likes the reaction.

We've had to start strapping her into her highchair and removing him to another room. We could stop eating it, I suppose, but if we stopped eating everything that DS didn't like or had issues with, we'd be eating plain white bread all the time.

Apart from that he's also scared of singing.

Life is interesting in our household.

Marne Mon 17-Oct-11 21:39:31

Dd2 is scared of singing (mainly group singing rather than solo).

Dd1 is scared of the computer crashing (this would be the end of the world).

I hate chalk (the texture the sound of it on paper or black board, makes my teath feel funny).

Dd1 also hates sea weed and refuses to go near the sea (luckily we got over the sand phobia so she will now go on the beach).

sphil Mon 17-Oct-11 21:49:39

Ds2 hates:
flapping birds
screaming children
pushchairs and scooters if they are behind him.

sphil Mon 17-Oct-11 21:50:37

If they are screaming happily thats fine - but any crying/whinging/moaning/whimpering is a big no-no

bialystockandbloom Mon 17-Oct-11 22:12:57

Ds gets really upset when the king in Shrek 2 turns into a frog. And when the aged turtle died in Kung Fu Panda and turned into a constellation.

I think it's because it's something not being what it's supposed to be (not being what it says on the tin). But his reaction is extreme, he gets really, really tearful.

ineedalife we have the pea thing to, to some extent. If a microscopic particle of pea skin has found its way on to his plate all hell breaks loose.

babyheave I have a similar gap (dd almost 2yo, ds 4.5). Lots of winding-each-other-up going on. Just a little bit tiring sometimes isn't it.

ZombiesAteYourCervix Mon 17-Oct-11 22:16:14

DD1 delights in winding up DD2. drives me nuts.

moosemama Mon 17-Oct-11 22:48:54

Oh, ds1 has a huuuuuge list:

Top of the list is reserved for the dreaded and horrifying ....... chocolate! He can't stand the smell, even if someone is eating it in another room. Bit of a problem really, as his mother is a committed chocoholic (although fortunately for him I have been sworn off the stuff since mid-June).

Then we have:

Omelettes (He found a minute piece of potato in one once and that was it.)
Nuts - taste, texture or smell. Although we have found that since he's been having ground almonds in all his gluten free baking, he will now eat the odd almond.
Peanuts in particular - will run from the room screaming if someone else has them - apparently its the smell.
Bananas - this is oddly recent, but suddenly they make him gag - which is really strange, because he adored them right up to a couple of months ago.

High pitched whining noises - like the one our blooming gas meter makes in the living room and the one his radiator makes in his bedroom. hmm

Anything strong smelling, ie perfume, deodorant, air fresheners etc

Having his hair washed or brushed.

Water on his face.

Ice Age - the movie, well any movie actually, but Ice Age is the one that started it all (and they always seem to have it on in Paediatric Outpatients when he has an appointment - I'd almost swear they've made a note of it hmm)

Any story, book, programme or song where someone or something gets left behind or someone leaves at the end. He says people always say its a happy thing, but its not, its sad and they will never have that thing/see that person again so its actually 'devastating' (his word). He told me this is why he can't stand me to sing Nancy Spain to him anymore, even though it was his lullaby as a baby and also why he had a complete meltdown when we tried to introduce him to movies gently by putting on Laura's Star (the star goes back to the sky in the end and everyone is happy).

And a very odd new one he told us about this weekend was, he hates looking forward to things. He can't explain why, just that it makes him feel funny and he finds it distressing. I assume this is somehow to do with the need instant gratification.

I could go on - but I'd take up the whole thread!

XxAlisonxX Tue 18-Oct-11 11:11:31

wow this post is prooving to be intresting, moosemama- the odd 1 you have with the looking forward to things, now strange enough its not that odd to me for my ds1 is a total nightmare if we tell him about things, we have to make out that everything we do is on the spur ov the moment to prevent a meltdown, even if we have something planned we have to keep it from him for he is the same where starts stressing out over looking forward to something.

moosemama Tue 18-Oct-11 11:39:23

We find we are caught between a rock and a hard place with it Alison.

Ds apparently hates looking forward to things, but can't stand sudden changes in routine either and we have to prepare him for what's going to happen, so its a tricky business timing things just right to tell him - even if its something he will really love. confused

He can just about handle being told the evening before - although then he won't sleep at all, but that's not always practical anyway, as he will start planning in his head what he intended for a certain day (usually around episodes of Pokemon and Total Wipeout and what he wants to play on his DS hmm) and have his mind set on that, then if his own plans aren't possible there will be a meltdown anyway.

coff33pot Tue 18-Oct-11 13:01:37

DS is a mixture of allsorts

Love tomato sauce on anything BUT it cant touch his food confused

Hates clothes but hates loose clothes more. Is now doing his shoes up so tight that he has marks on his feet and the buttons on his trousers on the tightest so they just drag over his bum.

Air fresheners, perfume, polish, the smell from scented shampoos the others use and wont use the bathroom till its aired.

Hates the sound of the school bell, will hit the deck if it goes off and he is around the hall

XxAlisonxX Tue 18-Oct-11 13:04:27

yep know that well. if we plan and tell him he kicks off carrying on that he dont want to go, doesnt want to do it, dont like it, shouts, swears, stomps about slamming doors, throwing things and makes everyone feel bad to the point where we cancel and not bother, yet if we dont tell him and just get up and go then we get another carry on all the way to where ever we are going with the same again but i want to go home, i hate this, let me out, scream, shout blah blah you get the pic, but its a differant matter when its home time cause then we get it all again cause he doesnt want to go home.

Voidka Tue 18-Oct-11 13:18:51

Things my DS hates

Thick milkshakes - makes him gag.
Potatoes - he wont touch them in any form.

And at the moment - school sad

Shannaratiger Tue 18-Oct-11 14:06:57

Dd(8) hates sad music or some scenes in films or cartoons that she percives as sad, she bursts into floods of tears. She doesn't like loud music or noise unless she turned it up! We both hate injustice, if someone at school hits Dd and she hits them back they should both get told off not just Dd, as usualy happens, makes us both want to happen anti depressents help me keep my emotions in check.
I hate things being done wrong e.g. if you go to Tescos then you go home afterwards to unpack the shopping. If for some reason we can't I get realy stressed and a horrible feeling inside like someones pulling a belt as tight as they can and I can't breathe!
Dd and Ds(5) can't stand eggs, Ds hates anything different even books that he's read other one's in the series of. New food is a nightmare, he's sure he will choke on it or it will be horrible, if he has a good day and actualy tries it he's always soo suprised when it's actualy nice He ate his first mouthful of roast meat on Sunday!
Sorry my Dyspraxia means I waffle alot!

moosemama Tue 18-Oct-11 17:02:12

Shannaratiger, ds1 used to really struggle with sad music too. The first time we realised, he was only about 18 months old and got seriously distressed about a busker playing some hauntingly sad music on a violin. He was sobbing his little heart out and pointing at the man, not in a scared or sensory overload kind of way, but a real heartbroken sob. sad

He doesn't do loud music either and he's the same with justice/injustice as well. He won't stand for anyone not getting into trouble for something he perceives as wrong. Problem is his 'bad behaviour radar' is quite off sometimes. hmm

Don't worry about the waffling - I don't have Dyspraxia, but I can waffle for England. In fact I'm well known for it around here! blush grin

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