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Thanks to Indigo and Dolfrog

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cankles Mon 17-Oct-11 12:01:46

Havent been around much over the past couple of months (not online unfortunately atm) but just wanted to say thanks for your help with DD3. I had posted a bit about my worries around her numeracy and literacy and both of you had given me great advice.

I decided during the summer holidays to have her privately assessed (the need to know outweighed the cost!) and she was seen last week by a lovely Ed Psych over here. We got a dx of adhd which didn't come as a surprise with no dyslexia. He felt that her impulsiveness/lack of ability to focus and concentrate has been impacting on her ability to learn (in fact he said that she likely 'misses' some of her learning during lessons). His report make total sense and is such a relief - now I know what to be doing with her (and I also have validation that I am not neurotic!).

He has suggested that her school amend her IEP that she should be managed within the classroom as a child with ADHD and that she has Classroom Assistance - I will see her teacher this week, and so the fun begins! I am not expecting them to be particularly helpful but hopefully I will be proven wrong!

Anyway, many thanks for your help and advice.

Cankles (helensmelons) x

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