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Legoland - proof of disability

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appropriatelytrained Sun 16-Oct-11 19:44:41

I know this has been asked before so sorry for repeating this.

We have Merlin's Magic Wand tickets for legoland to use up before it closes for the year.

I noticed that their policy for an exit pass appears to have changed although we provided proof of disability last year anyway.

Is a diagnostic letter (for ASD) enough?

silverfrog Sun 16-Oct-11 19:56:34

I have always used dd1's statement - has dx noted, and a whole list of issues and needs.

that has always been ok for us.

lisad123 Mon 17-Oct-11 00:06:15

We took the girls dx letters grin

cwtch4967 Mon 17-Oct-11 07:25:54

I went a couple of weeks ago, we also had Magic Wand tickets. I took a copy of ds ADOS report and a copy of his Statement. The guy only quickly looked at it and gave us the exit stamps.
I was really impressed that he addressed ds by his name when stamping his hand, he had obviously made a note of it.
We had a fab day there - it was very busy when we were there as the weather was good, we couldn't have coped without the exit passes. All the staff were wonderful (except for one misery face).

appropriatelytrained Mon 17-Oct-11 10:13:44

Thanks. That sounds pretty much as it was for us last year. I'll take the statement and the dx.

Hoping to go Friday.

Maamoo Mon 17-Oct-11 12:01:11

Hi I took a paed letter stating her issues. The man read the whole letter 3 pages worth!! But they were very good

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