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Horse boy camps in Cornwall

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Horsewyse Sun 16-Oct-11 19:09:42

Hi everyone, just a quick note to introduce myself and a little about the centre.
My name is Karen Thursfield and I am an Equine trainer and behaviourist based near Helston,Cornwall. Recent events include the opening of an Equine therapy centre,that has been developed to provide equine therapy and support to the families, whos childrens behaviour is a little "different".
I have worked with Rupert Isaaccson(author of The Horseboy) on a number of occassions,held camps all over the UK and am a certified horseboy method practitioner .
Currently, I can offer a one to one session of therapy and in 2012 I will be holding camps.
Please take a look at the centre on my website - and if there are any questions , dont hesitate to ask.
I look forward to meeting you all, bye for now.

saintlyjimjams Sun 16-Oct-11 19:41:55

Thanks for posting Karen (we met at a horse boy camp a couple of years ago).

kimt83 Mon 17-Oct-11 07:44:06

is horse boy camp ok for physicly disabled kids too? my son has cerebral palsy, autism and adhd.


firelighter Mon 17-Oct-11 12:01:22

Hi Karen
I can't access your website at the moment (will try again later) but just wanted to ask are you anywhere near Porthleven? We are down there next week with my son who has Aspergers and I think he would really benefit from the kind of thing your centre does and would love to know more. Thanks.

coff33pot Mon 17-Oct-11 16:38:53

firefighter Helston is about 3 miles from Porthleven if that helps smile

Pixel Mon 17-Oct-11 18:38:05

Ds loves horses and camping so we'd love to take him to a horseboy camp (what about the girls though eh? Bit sexist! wink). I watched a programme called Celebrity Wish List the other day, never seen it before but noticed in the paper that it was about Horseboy camps and hoped to find out a bit more about it so set the recorder. Unfortunately they didn't show much about the actual set-up of the camps which was a disappointment. It was a strange programme, someone told them the camp needed equipment so they turned up with a load of saddles (hope they fitted one of the animals hmm) and an ex race-horse that looked to be about 17hh, possibly the most unsuitable mount ever for any child, let alone a disabled one! I was like this shock! Apart from anything else it's going to cost a fortune to feed, I'd love to have been a fly on the wall after the cameras had gone and the camp people were wondering what on earth they were going to do with it!

Karen, I've got onto your site but I'm afraid I can't seem to work the link for the horseboy bit. I'll try again later. smile

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