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New Abbott FreeGo Feeding Pump - problems?

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shaz298 Sun 16-Oct-11 10:22:33


Does anyone use the new FreeGo Abbott feeding pump? We got ours on Friday and ok it's a little smaller than the clearstar and the bag for it is fab. But here's the makes a terrible racket when pumping.It sounds like the tubing squeaking on the part that turns. It is disturbing Luuk's sleep. It works vvery like the Infinity.

I did wonder if it was our feed ( homemade BD feed) but it's the same when empty or with water.

Does anyone else have this problem? AM going to phone Abbott tomorrow, but if this is normal they can have their pump back and we'll keep the old one. Thanks xxx

bigbluebus Sun 16-Oct-11 10:46:41

Sorry, can't help. Our PCT switched contracts from Abbotts last year. We now have a Nutricia Homecare Infinity pump - which touch wood we have had no problems with (compared to the pump we used to have from Abbotts (clearstar I think) which was forever breaking down and regularly had to be exchanged for a replacement.)

Would definitely ring Abbotts tomorrow and see if they will swap it. It can't be acceptable to have a noisy pump - especially as some people use theirs through the night!

shaz298 Sun 16-Oct-11 19:55:12

Cheers BBB. Luuk uses his in the night and we can hear it in our room!! Will see what they have to say tomorrow. If they swap it an next one is the same, we'll keep the clearstar.

Luuk used to use his pump 20hr per day and whe he did we averaged a new pump every 6 weeks or so!! xx

bigbluebus Sun 16-Oct-11 20:11:56

Needing a new pump every 6 weeks is not good service (although Abbotts were always very efficient at delivering new pumps IME - obviously they have lots of practise! ).
We've had DD's new pump from Nutricia about 18 mths now and are still on the original one.
Think I would also be speaking to Community nurse (or whoever is responsible for the provision of this equipment within the PCT) If others are having the same problem with having to replace pumps that often, then the PCT need to be looking for a new contract!

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