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Bumblelion Tue 28-Oct-03 11:43:06

Not sure what this stands for, but I think perhaps my daughter might need them - are they some kind of a splint?

She has only been walking since May this year (she was 2 on Friday) and is on her second pair of shoes. I have noticed for some time that when she walks (although it is more noticeable in shoes than barefoot) that one of her ankles/feet falls to the inside - if that makes sense - so that it seems as though she is walking on the side of her foot, rather than on the flat of her foot.

My portage worker has noticed this and mentioned that may be she needs supports in her shoes - are these AFOs she is talking about.

fio2 Tue 28-Oct-03 11:52:53

you can get all different types of insoles. Are you going to see the orthotist? They usually decide which kind of treatment will be best. Ask for piedro boots too - they are much more supportive than shoes. My dd's feet do that too - she has heel cups inside the boot which really help I think AFO's are more of a splint

Blu Tue 28-Oct-03 11:56:01

AFO stands for Ankle Foot Orthotic, so yes, includes splints which are like hard plastic wellies, but just with backs and soles, and are held on with velcro straps. (there is a thread called AFFOs and DAFFOs somewhere way down the Special Needs topics which includes a link which shows some.)
However, support can be given in other ways, such as Piedro boots with insoles specially made for your DDs foot, or even insoles for any other footwear which is supportive. Piedro boots are like little hiking boots, quite funky, and in lovely colours, esp for girls. Search Google and you will see the website of the co that makes them.
Has your portage worker made an appointment for you with an orthotist, or perhaps an orthopeadic consultant in the first place? If not, get your GP to refer you asap. All these devices are v effective, and generally help the child enhance their own ability. Good luck

Bumblelion Tue 28-Oct-03 11:56:28

DD has not had portage this week (half term) but when I see my portage worker on Monday I will see what she recommends and see if she can point me in the right direction.

fio2 Tue 28-Oct-03 11:57:12

my dd's piedros are mauve and they are lovely

lou33 Tue 28-Oct-03 12:33:57

Piedros are good, but may be a bit heavy for some children. Dd1 had them no problem, but ds2 would find them too weighty to use, so he has soft inserts made for his shoes. He usually has a trainer type shoe on, which is light but supportive. Not that he can walk yet, but piedros would hinder his foot movement iyswim.

Caroline5 Tue 28-Oct-03 20:38:47

My dd's feet are too small for the piedros so she just wears little soft shoes from Mothercare. She can't stand unsupported, but maybe she needs some better shoes. Do you think I should get her some proper shoes or could that be bad for her feet? (the physios have never commented).

lou33 Tue 28-Oct-03 21:31:06

I'd have a word with physio about which shoe is appropriate, before buying anything Caroline. They will be able to tell you what to look out for.

fio2 Tue 28-Oct-03 22:02:51

Hi caroline, hope you are ok I agree with lou, ask the physio first and ask about piedros. I know alot of kids at dd's school have them even if they aren't weight bearing -although agree with lou that they can be a bit heavy.

Caroline5 Wed 29-Oct-03 18:14:25

Thanks, she seems to have gone off standing in her frame again at the moment, will see what they say next week about the shoes

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