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Advice on my 2.3 yr old please- what could be wrong!

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Maamoo Fri 14-Oct-11 13:37:48

hi all have some queries about my dd and was looking for any opinions really.
She has screamed from birth and had awful reflux, referred to physio at 9 months as wasn't rolling, went to the CDC nursery weekly for a while where she had OT due to sensory integration problems-discharged from there now.

She is slightly delayed on speech but has great understanding. SAlt thought verbal dyspraxia, paed mentioned some autistic tendencies and dyspraxia. Clinical pysch said she's over active no sign of asd and that was it.
She has very poor sleep and melatonin is being considered, she's fussy with clothing/food, very very anxious and has bad seperation anxiety. Hates nail cutting, hair brushing/washing etc

She licks odd things and try's to eat stones, has awful tantrums and can be quite difficult to manage. Likes things to be 'just so'. Her eye contact was a bit shaky when she was young but has improved immensely and seems fine now unless its with other kids. She appears to have good joint attention. However things have to be on her terms for everything. She also likes viewing things from upside down or ground level.

I'm not looking for answers just wanted to see if anyone had a child like mine and what the outcome was?
She's due to start nursery next year and I'm sure it will end in tears as she doesn't like other kids and noise much. She currently has portage but nothing much has been said by portage worker.
Thanks for listening.

lisad123 Fri 14-Oct-11 14:51:05

the thing is, so many disorders cross over its sometimes impossible to work out sad
Alot of what you have said appears to be sensory processing issues, but some of what you said applies to my girls who both have autsim.
If I were you I would temoted to starta daily log of her behaviours and then take it to pead. If you dont have one, ask for a referal to a developmental pead, they are the best ones to give answers IME

starfishmummy Fri 14-Oct-11 15:18:12

Agree with the log - but don't let it take over.
Don't worry too much about nursery at the moment- a lot can happen in a year and things she hates now she may be fine with by then. (I speak from experience).

Maamoo Fri 14-Oct-11 15:21:35

Thank you both that's a good idea to keep daily log and we have a follow up paed app in November. Thank you

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