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Music therapy specified in a statement

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Gooders1105 Thu 13-Oct-11 15:04:48

I'm looking for some advice, please. My DS2 just about to turn 4 has a diagnosis of ASD and responded quite well to music therapy (he loves music). We are just in the process of negotiating his statement and our county council are now stating that they refuse to fund music therapy. Has anyone got children who have music therapy as part of their statement? And how many SpLT hrs are your children receiving? We have been offered 5 hrs per term and my son has ONE word. Please help! This negotiation comes at a time when we are knackered and are losing the will to fight...

rosie39forever Thu 13-Oct-11 15:29:01

My dd has music therapy in part three of her statement and gets 2hrs a week although our circumstances may be different as our dd goes to a ss and they have a part time resident therapist so the lea didn't have to fork out extra for the therapist which may be why you're having trouble. Can i ask if the music therapist you have already seen has put in a report towards your ds's statement ? and also the ed psychologist can put in the benefits of music therapy in their report.
I'm afraid anything but the bear minimum in a statement always tends to be a battle and although its really hard soul destroying if you believe it will help your ds then you need to make it clear to them that that is what he needs.
Its a really crap time for you at the moment with getting your head around everything and having to battle on but it will get easier......untill the next fight.

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