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Finally, we have got the app we have been waiting so long for......

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teamtwilight Thu 13-Oct-11 09:45:35

....but now it's here, I am so worried I feel physically sick!

Yes, our EP has written to me with a date at the end of the month to asess ds (5).
Our paed suspects asd, been waiting for the EP to asess and dx. (Takes 2 proff's to dx in our area, paed and EP)

But having read other threads of how awful they have been treated by EP and how crap thier reports have been I am just terrified of this day aproaching.

My issue is that ds holds it together at school although his teacher says he is demanding.
But at home he unleashes all his anxiety from school, soiling, anger, agression, hyper activity, spitting etc etc......I am sure you are all aware of the kind of things.

So if the EP see's none of this, and his school aren't particularly bothered about what goes on at home and also his teacher off sick at the mo, I just have a horrible feeling he will be brushed under the carpet.

Can't sleep, can't eat, my son's dx and future really depends on this one morning with this one woman and that is one scary thought.

Should I contact the EP to give her some background first or is this not a done thing?
If nothing else it will make me feel a whole lot better?

I feel bad because so many people are waiting for this very thing to happen and I actually can't beleive we got a date but now I am dreading it!

Bad day sad

chuckeyegg Thu 13-Oct-11 10:07:08

Our EP is coming in to school at the beginning of November we will have a meeting with them after they have observed DS who will also be 5 by then. I doesn't bode well hear either as EP has already express the opinion it is unlikely DS will get a statement, without even meeting him. angry

Hope someones comes along with good advise. Good luck. x

starfish71 Thu 13-Oct-11 10:08:29

Hi teamtwilight, can't tell you how nervous I was when EP was due to see DS2 in school. I did ring her before she went in and had a chat, she was lovely and told me what she would be looking for, testing when she went in. I made arrangements to go in and meet with her briefly after her assessment.

I really hope the appointment goes well and the EP is really on the ball. DS2 got his dx a few months after she had gone in, but she prepared me for it by what she observed and felt was likely outcome. Really hope you have a positive experience too.

It is all consuming waiting for these appointments and final dx so do understand how you feel. Very best wishes x

teamtwilight Thu 13-Oct-11 10:18:45

Chuckeyegg that's appauling!

Why bother even going to asess if they have formed an opinion already simply by what someone else has said or written!

Utter madness.

I wish you good luck and sincerely hope your ds get's what he needs.....makes me so cross! angry

chuckeyegg Thu 13-Oct-11 10:21:33

Thanks teamtwilight. Sorry I didn't mean to make you more annoyed. Lets hope it goes well for both of us. smile

teamtwilight Thu 13-Oct-11 10:22:08

Thank you starfish71, it's refreshing and uplifting to hear a good outcome.

I think I will make that call.

...deep breathes...and relax...

teamtwilight Thu 13-Oct-11 10:33:29

Don't worry chuckeyegg, I am totally fine. I just know how it feels when all you want is the best for your child.

Fingers crossed for both of us. smile

starfishmummy Thu 13-Oct-11 11:03:28

I can remember being very nervous about meeting with the EP: and of course like a lot of things ther are probably a lot more posts about the negatives than the goodf stuff. Slightly different situation with our DS who has physical disabilities/brain damage so obviously no one can deny them iyswim. We met the EP first at a parent group run by the LA preschool ed service, DS had a lot of sensory issues and would throw up at the drop of a hat; she sat down near him and I could se what was about to happen and that she was in the line of fire - it was a bit like a comedy slow motion thing as she stuck out her hands to catch it, then thought better of it pulled them in, stuck them out again and eventually dived out of the way in the nick of time. It was a great ice breaker!!
And she was fine. She talked to me, came out to see DH and observed ds a number of times in different settings. Her report was "spot on" and she was very supportive of helping us get DS into the nursery and school of our choice.

So good luck, I hope yours is as nice/good as ours was.

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