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In praise of DS's school and an update on our Paed appointment.

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neverputasockinatoaster Wed 12-Oct-11 21:46:52

Hi all,

DS is 7 and is being investigated for ASD. He is a difficult child and has had no end of problems at school. They have been ace with him, looking for strategies etc.
One of his areas of expertise (OK, it's an obsession! smile ) is Sharks. Today his school had a presentation about Sharks for KS2. DS, who is in KS1, was taken in as well as he is so interested. He was bubbling over with the whole thing!

We saw the Paed yesterday. The connors has ruled out ADHD although he scored massively high for oppositional behaviour. Our SCQ was pretty inconclusive (but both OH and I thought it was a seriously flawed test) but school had a much more thorough form to fill in and it had highlighted several areas needing further investigation. Thus we are now on the waiting list for a DISCO (currently running at a year in our neck of the woods!). We have also been referred to CAMHS but that in itself will cause a cross county hoo hah and the Paed had told me CAMHS will send me on a 1,2,3 Magic course (oh the joy!) because, of course, its all down to how we parent!

So, we have to go back in a year when we may have been DISCO'd! Meanwhile we carry on regardless!

Ineedalife Wed 12-Oct-11 22:11:07

A year is a long time to wait never[stating the obvious emoticon]!!

We have just been through the process with Dd3, we did her DISCO in 3 sessions over the summer and it did help the psyciatrist to make a diagnosis.

Try keeping a diary of your Ds's challenging/quirky behaviour. We recorded all incidents and how we dealt with them. It helped CAMHS to see that we were parenting consistantly and they didn't send us on any parenting courses.

It brilliant that your school is supportive and that they are willing to work with your DS.

Good lucksmile.

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