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Homework for son who has learning disabilities

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workrestplay Wed 12-Oct-11 20:53:13

Hi we have a son who is developmentally delayed and has recently moved schools which has made a huge difference to everyone. He recently was given a poster to do regarding the green cross code. We have had 2weeks to do it i have tried every day to encourage him to do it without success! Finally finished it with loads of help, more my poster than his. We clashed alot, there were tears and tantrums, please help with ideas on how to do homework without any tears/tantrums

keepingupwiththejoneses Wed 12-Oct-11 21:30:49

I was recently at a school with a parent who asked this question. School said if he really can't do it don't do it for him as that is giving them a false sense of his capabilities, just let him do what he can and if he doesn't finish it or even if he doesn't start it, write a note to let them know. I think this is even more important with a new school.

Minx179 Wed 12-Oct-11 23:04:50

Fully agree with keeping. Don't do it for him, don't pressurise him to do it either.

I'd tell him he has got homework, encourage him to sit a table with the necessary equipment. Put on a timer for 10 mins and let him do what he can in that time. Let him know that you will answer questions and support him but not do the work for him. Once the ten minutes is up let him get down from the table and do something of his choosing. Ignore any tantrums.

Explain to him what is going to happen beforehand, so he knows what to expect.

Do you think he could have done more towards the poster himself or do you think it was beyond his capabilities?

Told by one SENCO that 'teachers are lazy and sometimes set the same homework for everyone', ie not differentiated for ability. When describing similar difficulties as you are having.

nickminiink Thu 13-Oct-11 12:56:43

Workrestplay, same as you our son is developmentally delayed, I was forever doing my son's homework, as we would sit for hours as I explained what he needed to do. With my son he simply doesn't understand the concept of what he has to do so has no ideas of his own, hence the long time sitting and advising. In the end I am so exhausted I find myself doing it for him, as like you there would be alot of tears, meltdowns and stress. What Minx179 said teachers can be lazy when setting homework, my son has the same as the NT children. Anyway we do the 10 min thing now and if he doesn't do anything in that 10 mins then so be it as it's just not worth the stress my son goes through. However if he starts the homework and seems to enjoy what he is doing as we feel alot of praise and encouragement goes along way, then we let him do his thing even if he is at it for say 30mins to 1 hour. We now have an understanding with the school, where my son will do the homework if he can, if he doesn't hand any in it means he hasn't understood what has been asked of him, so down to the teachers to ensure he does. My only worry is he moves to secondary school next year so homework is important, how long does he go doing homework in this way before he gets the help he needs to complete the tasks set, what happens when he has to sit exams and has not completed 50% of the homework. It's not easy.

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