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LA have agreed to Statutory Assessment

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Sally200 Wed 12-Oct-11 19:10:06

DS is 4, at Nursery, diagnosed with SPD and suspeccted Autism. Ed Psych has been great and put in a request to the LA asking them to do Statutory Assessment as she believes, as do I, that DS will need help once he starts school next year.
Am so pleased to say that after only three weeks the LA have agreed to do Stat Assessment.
Me and DH of course now need to submit our comment sto the LA. Could anyone please give me some advice as to what needs to go in this: does it need to be an essay or bullet points, do I refer to the SEN Code of Practice? Really unsure how to go about writing it.
Is there anyone who would let me have a copy of their parent statement so that I can see how a successful one is written?

coff33pot Wed 12-Oct-11 20:36:06

Good news for you that they are going to assess smile

The LA sent me a pack and in it there was a list of questions to help you write your response. ie early stages, walking, eating, etc it was in yellow I think. I just went by that and headed each paragraph with their question iyswim. Ended up 15 pages tho!

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