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Equine Therapy Centre now open in Cornwall.

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Horsewyse Tue 11-Oct-11 02:47:12

Hi everyone, just a quick note to introduce myself and a little about the centre.
My name is Karen Thursfield and I am an Equine trainer and behaviourist based near Helston,Cornwall. Recent events include the opening of an Equine therapy centre,that has been developed to provide equine therapy and support to the families, whos childrenbehaviour is a little "different".
I have worked with Rupert Isaaccson(author of The Horseboy) on a number of occassions,held camps all over the UK and am a certified horseboy method practitioner .
Currently, I can offer a one to one session of therapy and in 2012 I will be holding camps.
Please take a look at the centre on my website - and if there are any questions , dont hesitate to ask.
I look forward to meeting you all, bye for now.

lisad123 Tue 11-Oct-11 09:27:05

We use horse therapy for our girls and it's a wonderful service and has had a great impact on the girls, especially the eldest

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