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Recommendation of OT in Edinburgh/Lothians please

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manicmamma Sat 08-Oct-11 22:47:10

Looking for an OT with sensory integration experience for my Dd with ASD traits. Really can't wait the 12 week NHS waiting list...

manicmamma Sun 09-Oct-11 20:36:39

anyone? please..

oodlesofdoodles Sun 09-Oct-11 20:50:18

Hi manicmama, my ds doesn't have sensory issues so it's not something I've looked into.

But, following discussions on mn I have looked into the Movement & Learning Centre in Bo'ness as they practice retained reflex therapy, which is supposed to help with sensory issues among other things.

How old is your DD? I've mentioned it on here before - there's a great group of families (kids aged 3-8) meets at on Monday afternoons, during term time. Someone there might have a recommendation.

I've also found to be approachable and helpful. They provide ABA packages, but might know an OT who could help you.

chateauferret Sun 09-Oct-11 21:31:09

12 weeks? in our health board there is no such thing as an OT who deals with sensory issues in small children.

manicmamma Mon 10-Oct-11 13:17:40

Oh Thanks oodlesofdoodles....sounds like great contacts. Will give them a ring..
my dd is 7 now. Not quite sure what's going on with her..hopefully OT will give us some help or direction.

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