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How much input should I have with school?

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skewiff Sat 08-Oct-11 21:08:59

DS has just started reception. He has mild cerebral palsy. It really is mild, but affects his left hand quite significantly and so he approaches most things one handedly.

He has a statement that is Level D. Because he is so confident and happy with everything I have been alright with the school not giving him a TA. The school is well know for being excellent with special needs children so I have trusted them.

I am waiting for them to call me in if they need me - but so far they haven't asked me anything at all - and when I've been in to check that DS is OK they say 'oh yes he's absolutely fine - he's managing brilliantly' etc etc. I've asked whether him doing things with only one hand (he can barely use his left hand at all) is a problem and they say 'no he's so used to just using one hand that its not a problem, it rarely gets in his way'.

I am a weeny bit concerned though that when work gets more serious than reception he may be struggling and there won't be the support ready. I worry that he may be being overlooked. I did think once that the school might have to help him to use 2 hands, but this seems not to be the case. I thought that was what the statement implied anyway.

The physio went into school and was told that DS was fine fine fine too.

It is great if he is fine. And I know that he'll be fine just playing which is mostly what they are doing now ...

Sorry, I'm rambling. I just want to know if I should have been called in by the school yet to discuss things - an IEP for instance. And whether I should initiate anything next week?

Thank you.

jandymaccomesback Sat 08-Oct-11 21:41:37

Why don't you just ask if he has an IEP yet. Just make a friendly enquiry.

IndigoBell Sun 09-Oct-11 15:58:10

Do you want him to learn to use both hands? Or are you happy for him to just use one hand?

skewiff Sun 09-Oct-11 20:25:04

Yes I'll do that tomorrow. Thank you. I didn't want to be an irritant right from the start. So a friendly enquiry sounds good.

Indigo - I really want him to use 2 hands. If he only uses one the unused hand will become stiffer and stiffer and cause him pain in later life.

coff33pot Sun 09-Oct-11 20:33:05

Then I would definately book an appointment to see the senco. The school saying he is fine is great as he is coping smile but the more he uses his arm the better. There is no need to think you are an irritant at all your childs health and wellbeing is important. You could perhaps explain to the school that your son needs to be constantly encouraged to use his arm and if they would allow the physio back in to perhaps suggest some excercises they can implement in the classroom enviorment. smile

Agnesdipesto Sun 09-Oct-11 20:40:22

There should be an OT attached to each school. We have asked for the OT to come in at some point in reception year to assess DS (ASD but some minor motor issues) so that anything necessary is in place for Year 1.

You could ask either paed or school if they can arrange an OT assessment in school to see if any adaptations are appropriate eg to help with writing etc

AlysWho Sun 09-Oct-11 21:27:19

Def dont put up with fine fine fine. Sounds like its really imp. he uses his arm and school havent given you any indication that they are working on that have they?
Fine at school can mean he's blending in and not causing any bother. not good enough when he has a medical condition that needs attention though is it?
Get your physio/OT to make specific recomendations to the school and then get onto the school about how they're going to implement them. x

skewiff Sun 09-Oct-11 21:38:56

Thank you everyone x

Jerbil Sun 09-Oct-11 21:59:01

From my experience do not expect the teachers to be able to fully evaluate the situation. I have to try and remember they are teachers, and cannot be an expert in every special need. For example, I was told my child sits still, but the psych went into school and saw a very different thing happening. Don't expect too much to happen in Nursery and reception. Ds1 only just being assessed for an IEP now he's started year 1, and believe me I've been an irritant! :-)
The only thing that has changed the SENCO's opinion (and current teacher) is a phone call from the psych to explain his difficulties. I have found they don't take Mum's word for it that something is wrong.

If I were you, I would get some kind of report to the school at least. Good luck with it all

skewiff Sun 09-Oct-11 22:05:33

He does have a statement though. So its not just my word.

And throughout nursery, which unfortunately was not a part of this school, he had IEPs every term.

Thank you for you input x

skewiff Mon 10-Oct-11 14:15:09

Just to say - I spoke to the SENCO today and the conversation went very well. I felt that she understood exactly what I was saying.

Thank you everyone. You helped me to put all my concerns into a very clear order in my head. And often I can be too anxious and not trusting enough, so the person who mentioned making it like a friendly enquiry was particularly helpful.

Thank you again x

LancsDad Tue 11-Oct-11 00:30:41

Have as much input / involvement as you can do and not just in the area of your childs support / statement.

My youngest has SN and about a year before he started in reception a vacancy came up for a parent governor. I dawdled and didn't apply initially but when I heard that no-one had applied I went and volunteered and got accepted. The demands weren't particularly onerous 3 meeting a term + some finance stuff.

But, and my real intention of dong it, I now have a very good and open relationship with the head. I think, and hope, that when I talk to her about my sons provision she knows that I understand some of the issues the school also faces.

It may not be right for you, however.

Good luck.


coff33pot Tue 11-Oct-11 00:41:42

Hi skewiff I am glad the meeting went ok and was a positive one smile

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