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any ideas? help with car

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Twinmumof2 Thu 06-Oct-11 16:55:41

hello, my twins are not able to walk (and in all likelyhood won't ever learn). Our small car can only take the rubbish buggies which are starting to strain under the weight of the boys and are really hard to push. When they are 3 we can get the mobility DLA and a motorbility car - however that is a year away. Does anyone have any ideas for grants or funding to get access to a suitable vehicle? I have been searching grants all day and most say "not for vehicles". I will be grateful for any suggestions



madwomanintheattic Thu 06-Oct-11 17:33:46

really you just have to wait until they trun 3 and apply for the mobility component.

most families with more than two pre-schoolers have a boot full of buggies etc, so you would only really stand a chance of getting charitable funding if there was other specialist eqt that was necessary (eg portable oxygen, or if both children needed much larger sn buggies with a lot of positioning eqt/ head supports etc. standing frames for both children for nurser y - although the easiest option there is to get the lea to provide a second set of frames to ease transportation requirements)

if this is the case, then you could ask your ot or physio which local chairities might support an application, but if they are two already then given the time it gets to get stuff through and approved, it might be easier to wait until they are three and qualify! grin

i would def start asking around for ideas as to which suits your needs though. maclaren majors are pretty big (don't know which buggies you are using at the mo, but they seem to be pretty ubiquitous through wheelchair services for children with mobility needs but no support requirements) but probably aren't necessary until about 4, unless your kids are quite big (you can get doubles etc), but if wcs are looking at wheelchairs longer term it might be better to steer away from buggies as early as poss. (ie if the boys are going to be lifelong wc users then there is an argument that says get them in as soon as possible - particularly if they are likely to be able to self propel to encourage independence.)

i know i asked on the other thread - apols, but what dx do they have? it's often tricky to get wcs referrals early, as it's cheaper for the nhs to keep them in regular buggies whilst they still fit. what do your ot and physio say? have you got a wcs referral yet? are they likely to be able to self-propel or are you looking at power chairs alter on? this is the sort of stuff you need to think about longer term in order to decide what sort of vehicle would be appropriate. are you thinking of transfers, or are you likely to be looking for a specialist van with two wc spaces and a ramp? your long term requirements will need to be determined before you think about how much money you will need to apply for etc.

it's tough to do now as presumably although it's unlikely they'll walk, you don't really have a definitive idea of what their capabilities and support requirements will be? i know when dd2 was 2 and not walking we had no idea, so we traded our car for an old knackered ford galaxy so that it plenty of space for the chair and standing and walking frames. it gave us time to work out longer term what sort of vehicle we were likely to need.

when they hit 3, if you look at motability you will be bombarded with choice. grin but there are still cost decisions to be made. at that point it's easier because you have the official blue badge designation and might have a better idea of the next few years.

in some areas they might consider blue badges prior to 3yo, but i think it's still unusual - if you think you might qualify for special dispensation (again, usually for other specialist equipment or casting that requires space rather than needing a buggy) then get the paed to write in support. just using the bigger car spaces can be really helpful if you are manhandling children with muscle tone issues and are unable to support themselves. it's worth a try!

you would need really specialist requirements to get any sort of funding for a vehicle before 3. the age was chosen specifically as most nt children under 3 still use buggies of some description.

justaboutstillhere Thu 06-Oct-11 19:57:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

madwomanintheattic Thu 06-Oct-11 20:58:53

that's what i suggested justa grin. they don't come up on e-bay v often though, so it's important to get a wcs referral asap - sometimes there is a huge waiting list. you can explore possibilities whilst you wait for your appt! always trickier with two.

are there any other sn doubles? i can't think of any off the top of my head...

justaboutstillhere Thu 06-Oct-11 21:08:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sneezecakesmum Thu 06-Oct-11 21:17:53

The mini city babyjogger is very compact and would fit in any average small car. The doubles do sometimes turn up on ebay and would fit up to the average 3 year old as they are very roomy. 2 years old is probably a bit on the small side for the Mcclaren major unless they are quite chunky??? SN buggies btw are sooo heavy in comparison you NEED a bigger car!

madwomanintheattic Thu 06-Oct-11 21:25:34

mm def too big for the average at 2 - don't think we bothered until about 4, and dd2 is pretty chunky grin was just trying to think longer term!

you do need to discuss with your own professionals though, op. in terms of long term wc use you are probably better off getting wc through wc services and getting double buggy funded separately - often wcs will do one or the other, but not both.

and two wheelchairs are obv going to be more problematic for getting in the car. particularly if they are going to be unable to self-propel and will need power chairs etc.

on that note, we just switched our people carrier for an suv thing (for the snow, honest, we wouldn't have otherwise) we had a dodge grand caravan which we could get everything in the back of, and i went to put dd2's wc in the suv to get it to school for a field trip and i had to fold the handles down! for the first time in years. i'd actually forgotten how to do it, it had been so long. i was a bit cross with myself for not considering it! <dumb ass emoticon>

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