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Worried about my daughter - update

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GodKeepsGiving Thu 06-Oct-11 13:38:42

Original thread here:
Poor DD2 off school with stress until she starts her new school on Monday. I let her walk to the shops - about 5 mins from our house and she met the mother and stepfather of the former friend who bullied her at her old school. She asked DD2 why she wasn't at school and referred to her new school. This woman and I were friends for a while and I know from previous conversations that she thinks the school is really rough. It does have a very mixed intake but it's a small school which is used to dealing with vulnerable pupils, both from deprived backgrounds and SN. I just know she'll be gloating that her daughter will get the better education. The other school is harder to get into and transport is expensive. I know that the woman and her daughter are irrelevant and petty but when it's you and your daughter they're ripping to shreds it hurts! I just need some support really.

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