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Am I allowed to mention the C word yet?

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RhinoKey Thu 06-Oct-11 13:16:19

<Whispers> Christmas?

I am looking for ideas. So far all I have found for DS is a book which says the colours and some squidgy shapes.

So what will you be buying?

2011RWC Thu 06-Oct-11 13:33:59

I thought the C word was going to be Cameron smile

We're doing DS1's room up as a sensory room for Xmas and birthday, he's 3 in Dec and has severe GDD. We got lots of great ideas from other posters and found this site stuff seems to be a lot more reasonably priced!

I love Christmas!!

chuckeyegg Thu 06-Oct-11 15:23:12

DS loves christmas. I get the tree as early as I can and he has penguin lights around the room. (Loves penguins) I've got his birthday soon and was going to get a water pouring thing developed by the Science museum from ELC and a sledge. smile

Chundle Thu 06-Oct-11 15:29:26

For dd1 she is getting a jd bug scooter to do more damage to herself on smile
For dd2 I have got her a fab trampoline with a handle but the whole thing folds up really quickly so it can be stores under your sofa

madwomanintheattic Thu 06-Oct-11 16:28:29

we're going to end up spending a blardy fortune on netbooks. dd2 is moving to using a keyboard pretty much full time (tried an alphasmart but it's too simple <sigh>), and as she's the youngest and dd1 is also at the point where school are trying to suggest that each child should start using technology for all assignments, it's a bit unfair to leave poor old middle kid out. shock particularly as he's really struggling with his organisation and attention and feels a bit hard done by at the moment. and we haven't got enough room to get a desktop set up anywhere, and i'm fed up of the queue for my the one laptop.

so be warned, mums of little people grin i've done my years of sensory toys, triangle scooters that you have to pay a fortune for, and trampolines with handles grin and this is where i've ended up!

maybe they'll give me a discount for buying in bulk? <faintly hopeful emoticon>

i'm going to have to get a cart like school to put them all on and plug in. blush

Tiggles Thu 06-Oct-11 20:25:11

DS1 is getting everything related to Dr Who, DS2 is getting everything related to cats and Disney Cars II and DS3 is getting everything related to dinosaurs and horses. The day might be rather predictable but their obsessions are so strong there is no point bothering with anything else. (And I'm fairly certain DS3 is NT!)
On the plus side DS1 (9) is already telling me what role play ideas he has for the Dr Who playsets - big turn up for the books smile

Chundle Thu 06-Oct-11 21:04:42

Mad your post made me smile could you kindly keep your netbooks in good working order then sell them to us cheaply when our kids are older!! Hahaha

unpa1dcar3r Thu 06-Oct-11 21:19:55

Oooooh Nooooo am racking my brain (don't take long, it's mashed) trying to think of what to buy that they will be vaguely interested in and may even open the box it comes in....

Eldest 14 nearly 15 plays with nowt except tractors/trailors of which he has approximately 2 zillion already.
Youngest (13 this month) don't play with anything, he loves animals but I've really had to draw the line at a giraffe and a sea lion. he also asked for a bread maker last year, and an engagement ring for his GF. I got him fish one year, he kissed some to death, one got sucked up the hoover and a few more exploded (over feeding). The fish tank is relegated to the loft.

Conversation with eldest goes like this
"What would you life Sion Corn to bring you babes"
"Dunno, shut up"
(me persevering)
"well would you like some DVDs?"
"No, got some"
"Would you like some new clothes"
"No, got clothes"
"Ok what would you like then?"
"Hey that's great, what toys would you like"
"Dunno, shut up".

Looks like it'll be 2 dozen selection boxes again!

madwomanintheattic Thu 06-Oct-11 21:30:39

<puts chundle at the top of the waiting list for hand-me-downs>

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