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Is this the best thing to do? (school)

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starfish71 Thu 06-Oct-11 08:21:40

I posted last week about DS1 (12) Dyspraxia and social, communication difficulties and how he was not coping with school, complaining about noise levels in class etc, tired all the time, falling asleep after school. School have been supportive and requesting EP see him next month.

I took him for a blood test Tues as he fainted in a cookery class on mon and we had to bring home, was awful. Doc said he didn't think he was anemic but wants to rule it out and test thyroid too as he has lost quite a bit of weight.

Kept him home on Wed and went back in yest, well it didn't go well, he couldn't cope with the classroom and did work in the office for most of day until late afternoon when they rang me to pick him up as he was shattered and had had enough.

DS is home today and will not send him in tomorrow. Am going to ring school and ask if from Monday could he do half days, do mornings if he could cope with it and then we pick him up and bring a bit of work home with him?

Do you think this is something that could work? Am so worried about him and just want him to be happy and that it is horrible seeing him struggle.

davidsotherhalf Thu 06-Oct-11 08:32:55

is your ds tired at weekends or if it's school holidays? asking this as my dd used to get so stressed, anxious, panic attacks at school due to noise, other dc, change, etc this had a massive impact on her. her body would shut down and she would sleep, i was told it was how her body copes when in overload.i would try half days if it's possible

starfish71 Thu 06-Oct-11 08:36:19

Thank you davidsotherhalf, the relief on DS when he is not in school is enormous. He still doesn't like going out much in holidays, weekends but is a much more relaxed boy. It sounds exactly like your DD, he just can not cope with the school environment getting worse as he gets older sad

davidsotherhalf Thu 06-Oct-11 08:48:09

don't rule out blood tests etc, going to be totaly honest with you, my daughter wouldn't go out at weekends, school holidays, etc. in the end she didn't even go to school due to anxiety etc. i gave into her tbh i struggled as i had 4dc 3 with sn, i screwed up, it made her worse as she became agraphobic, she couldn't go out the door for 2yrs, please try and make sure your ds gets out at weekends etc even if it's only to the local shop for you, sorry don't want another dc or parent to go through what dd and i went through if it can be avoided iyswim

starfish71 Thu 06-Oct-11 09:43:38

DS did have a blood test done on Tues so am def ruling out any physical health problems. Yes davidsotherhalf we are really aware that we have to keep pushing him to get out even if it is only over his grandma's or walk by the sea at weekends.

Am really sorry your dd and all the family have had a really bad time, I can understand how it happened as I have a younger DS with ASD and it is easy to give in sometimes but I am going to try my best to keep him going out, have rang school and waiting for them to ring me back.

DS is still sleeping but when he wakes will get him over to my mums for a bit.

I hope your dd is doing better now.

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