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An interesting thought re: dds Aspergers.

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Dawndonna Wed 05-Oct-11 22:04:08

Just wondered if anyone else has come across this.
DD1 cannot for the life of her, figure out a course of action other than the one she is on. It's almost as if she's stuck and can't find a way out.
Example: I want to stay late at school on Thursday.
Okay, but there's no bus, how should we work this out?
Now, there are a couple of options available, 1) Get her sister to change band practise day so that I can pick both up together.
2) Ask teacher who lives near and has given lifts before, to bring her home.
But no, she can't see the options, she just decides she can't go, until other options are put to her.
It's like this with lots of things, almost like a stuck record.
Two of my other children also have Aspergers, but all three present completely differently. Her twin sister could immediately see the options available in this particular case.

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