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When I grow up .........

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IndigoBell Wed 05-Oct-11 10:17:48

I want to be an autistic communist grin

(DS wrote in literacy yesterday)

He's been reading Speed of Dark, which is a science fiction novel (for adults)

Lou is autistic. He, and a group of other autistics, work for a company, finding "patterns" in scientific formular. In return, they receive various perks, to make their life easier. But this is about to change: a new manager has decided that the Lou and his colleagues are too expensive, and wishes to force them to be guinea pigs of an experimental treatment to make them "normal".

The book discusses Autism really well, as the main character has to decide whether or not to have an operation to cure his Autism. (It's science fiction remember smile ) (In RL the author's son has Autism)

But it's made DS feel much more better and positive about having autism. He used to be always 'why me, it's not fair'. And now he seems to be happy and proud. For the first time he can see it as a positive thing.

So if any of you have older children who could access something like this, they might be interested.........

blueShark Wed 05-Oct-11 10:52:05

thanks for sharing this Indigo and I am really happy your DS has seen the positive side and feels more comfortable about who he is. I need to teach DS to read first smile

coff33pot Wed 05-Oct-11 22:45:42

Thanks Indigo I will definately make a note of this book for future ref.

Its great to hear your DS is so comfortable with himself and autism. Sounds like a lovely level headed boy smile

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