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Argh! When will assessments happen? Been waiting ages(!) Sad :0(

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mrsbaffled Wed 28-Sep-11 12:11:27

Hello, am feeling a bit sad right now :0( We are still waiting for DS's (7) assessments to come through (asked for dyspraxia recently, so not worried about that, but Dyslexia assessment requested in MARCH!....surely it must be soon?!). I really want them to be done asap.... Poor boy has do to book reviews once he's read his reading book each week. He's reading the books with gusto and at a high level, but he's finding the reviews so hard :0( I have given up trying to correct his spelling for a while as it just demoralises him. This way he writes more, but it's just rubbish :0( He's so bright, but he can't show it on paper. So sad... He keeps accusing me of shouting at him too, but I just am not - he can't seem to interpret what voice I am using.

I don't know if I am doing the right thing by not correcting him? If I do he gets really upset and won't write at all :0( At least this way he's getting quicker and more fluent, but it's atrocious!

I did smile when his first book review came back marked. The teacher is obviously trying to encourage him as she gave him some team points for effort, which was lovely, but when she started to correct the spellings she clearly gave up after the first one, otherwise the whole page would have been green(!)

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