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Can anyone give me advice please(Apologise if it is long)

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Madprest Tue 27-Sep-11 16:53:33

I have wrote on here before and I got good advice (pitty i didn't act on it, and listened to the head teacher too much). My child is 9 yrs old just started yr 5 she as been on SA since reception and had (worthless) IEP's through school. Had meeting last year with HT about being unhappy with her progress and was told she wasn't in criteria to go on SA+. Miraculously more help was given..Lexia program 3x per week and a one to one..once a week. Just had meeting with new teacher and her grades are as follows (start of YR 5) Reading- 2b, Writing - 2b and Maths 2a.Told her i was not happy asshe as only moved up 1 sub level in reading only.
Meeting with HT beginning of last year was told start of YR 4 grades are as follows:- Reading - 2c, Writing - 2b and Maths 2A.
As you can see no progress made whatsoever. I told her teacher that there is not enough help for her, even though she received more help in yr 4 it has made no difference. I was given teacher grades and tests grades all showing not much movement. Which grades do we go off? Ringing IPSEA tonight with outcome of meeting. The techer is getting back in touch in a couple of days about SA+ (which prob refuse). Is it time to go straight to LEA myself. Sorry if it's all mumble jumble but that's how my head feels. Oh another thing, I pointed out that she went down sub level in writing the previous yr and was told because she had a 3 sub level surge it happens they drop down. I asked if her gap is getting wider than her peers and she said she is marked as UA (under achieving) and no it's not getting wider. I feel like they are skiting around the issues. Thank you for any advice you can give me and I promise this time i will act upon it. Feel such a fool.....

jandymaccomesback Tue 27-Sep-11 17:01:08

Is the Educational Psychologist involved? Sounds as though she needs some proper assessments to see what the root cause is. The ideal is that they go up 2 sublevels a year. Not convinced about the 3 sublevel surge and then her dropping down. She was either at that level or she wasn't. Her grades are what you would expect in Year 2.
IPSEA a good idea.

Madprest Tue 27-Sep-11 17:03:56

Thank you for reply, no Ed Psych involved , I asked last year and was told she wasn't bad enough to be assessed and I agree these grades are what my son as come out with in YR 2. Ringing IPSEA again as they wanted to know outcome with her teacher.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 27-Sep-11 17:49:54

Has your DD seen any outside agencies to date (like for instance a developmental paed, occupational therapst etc?). If so she should already be on School Action Plus. Forget SA plus, its not legally binding and thus the support on it is limited. You can apply for a statement without having to be on either school action or school action plus beforehand.

The levels you quoted are indeed expected of a Y2 pupil.

TBH I would be applying for the statement asap and ignore the people who say anything to put you off applying. In just over 2 years time she will be in Y7 and thus at secondary; she will likely sink there without additional support. You after all are your child's best - and only - advocate.

Would use IPSEA's website template letter

Madprest Tue 27-Sep-11 19:27:46

Thank you Attila, only person she had seen (refered to by doc) was paed who checked physically and she was ok. I know its time i stopped being fobbed off by school and apply for statement myself. Even the HT lied at meeting last year with her levels because the true ones are below what she said they was.
Thanks Again

WetAugust Tue 27-Sep-11 20:52:53

Hi Madprest

I remember your posts earlier this year, sorry to hear that it's still ongoing.

Definitely apply for a Statement yourself. You have evidence that she is behind her peers and not progessing as shold be expected.

There's an sample letter on the IPSEA website on how to initiate a request to the LA for a statutory assessment that may lead to the issue of a Statement. As part of the assessment she will be seen by the Ed Pysch.

School's can be very reluctant to initiate the statutory assessment themselves as, needs once identified cost money to support, and with a Statement the LA/school are have a legal duty to provide a stated level of support. That's why you need to do itself. You'll prpbably be told a lot of nonesense by schools such as "she's not far enough behind", the "LA doesn't do Statements anymore" etc etc - ignore all that rubbish and just make your request directly to the LA.

Best wishes

Agnesdipesto Tue 27-Sep-11 22:51:17

I think the level 3 thing is because at age 7 they can get level 3 on SATS, but that does not represent a level 3 on age 11 SATS. So if a 7 ear old did the Year 2 SATS paper and got level 3 they would probably not get a level 3 on the Year 7 SATS paper - because it would cover different / more complex work. They are not a match.
The Govt guidance says 2 full levels at each key stage. So a child at level 2 at 7 should achieve level 4 minimum at age 11

Agnesdipesto Tue 27-Sep-11 22:54:45

sorry when I say minimum some children may not reach this who have SEN but the expectation is that they should even with SEN, so there need sot be a very good reason why 2 levels not possible

Madprest Wed 28-Sep-11 09:59:21

Thanks for all your advice. Phoning IPSEA back today as they wanted to know her results at the start of this year. Shall keep you posted and probably will be needing all your help in the up coming months.
Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate it.

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