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DLA for 1 year olds - Galena, Ladylush, Hazeyjane etc any news

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hildathebuilder Mon 26-Sep-11 15:05:49

after 3 months of deliberations I finally got the decision on DS DLA which was to award it but at lower rate because he needed approximately 1 hours help a day with his bodily functions. Which are the least of his issues. I remember someone had exactly the same initial response but I'm afraid I can't remember who...

and so there is nothing for the extra hours of physio, inhalers and asthma control. Nothing for the leg stretches, or doctors appointments. And we've got both orthotics and lycra shorts appointments in the next couple of weeks

apparently depsite the extra physio exercises, medicines and assistance its not substantially in excess of what a child of his age (now 18 and a hlaf months actual and 16 ish months corrected ) would normally need and he doesn't need help fequently ( i put constantly for most things on the form, but added the times for the physio etc where appropriate)

Now he's actually coming along ok at the moment, he can sit and almost crawl normally, and taking a few cruising steps. And I still don't need the money as such either for him or to get him something. So I don't know whether to just be grateful we got the award we did, or ask for a reconsideration or an appeal. But we are spending hours at hospitals and appointments and spending money on parking etc when we are there, and taking time off work. I think the decision is wrong, but not sure whether this is a battle to fight and ask for a reconsideration or appeal or just to say ok then too.

what do you all think?

ladylush Mon 26-Sep-11 18:18:14

Hi Hilda,
Yes it was me who had that exact same response! We appealed (with a letter of support from dd's PT and a letter from the disability worker who works at the council office. Award was changed to middle rate - which is fair because she doesn't have night needs at the moment but she definately needs more than one hour extra care a day. Actually, we didn't appeal - disability worker said it would be quicker to ask them to "look at the claim again". Was worthwhile in our case. The award pays for dd's private physio (which she has twice monthly). I was also a bit confused about the toilet needs criteria. It's the least demanding aspect of dd's care ffs!

hazeyjane Mon 26-Sep-11 21:55:21

Hello, we were rejected outright with our claim for ds,after all of 2 days (I doubt they could have even read my notes in 2 days, let alone contacted anyone we put as a reference!)

I have asked for a reconsideration, with new evidence, and today I forwarded a letter from ds's paed which discusses the risk of ds choking on pooled saliva, and his need for constant supervision. When I spoke to someone from the dla, they said that all 14 month olds need constant supervision, even though I clearly demonstrated on the form that ds has far higher needs, that amount to several hours during the day and 2-3 hours at night.

I suppose the only risk of asking for a reconsideration is that they would take it away (is that possible?) Do you have a keyworker /lead professional who can advise you? Also, I believe that you can ask about a parking badge for hospital appointments if you have a lot - I think you can ask your gp.

hildathebuilder Tue 27-Sep-11 13:29:33

thank you both. I just love the fact that even with a diagnosis (or several) and the meds programme DS has he is no different to a normal 18 month old. Do you think the dept of work and pensions staff want to swap!

I think i will ask for the reconsideration. If thy take it away I will appeal.

We haven't really got a keyworker or professional, the paeds support us, as do the physio and provided reprts for the dwp. But I don't even have a health visitor who I actually see. I was assessed by my GP as managing, not depressed, no ptsd, and in the system...

ArthurPewty Tue 27-Sep-11 16:56:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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