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LAC (looked after child) and child benefit

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kakool Fri 23-Sep-11 09:29:49

i have a daughter with autism.she is going to turn 15 end of this month.
she was moved to 52 weeks boarding school some 4 months ago.
when she was moved the authority wrote a letter to the benefit department and i no longer receive her child benefit.
The authority only pays for her education and boarding.
i am still responsible for all other expences.
example, Clothing according to weather, School Uniform,Toys
Toiletries .Pay for her hair cut when she is taken to barber, pocket money etc.
I thought child benefit was to help a parent with a child expences a bit.

also when she turns 16 next year, would she not get any money from govt as like any adult who does not work?

i would really appreciate your help to guide me

davidsotherhalf Fri 23-Sep-11 09:42:14

it depends on the school, you can't get child benefit, child tax credits etc for dd, they usualy get pocket money to pay for haircuts, clothes, toiletries,trips out, etc, it's £27 a week. not sure if parents provide pocket money or the school, can you phone school and ask?

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