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Am so confussed about aspergers, ads and so on!

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trace2 Thu 22-Sep-11 16:50:31

ds 9 as been dx with aspergers 3 years ago and he is a typical AS child very ridged, no eye contact, very bright, no social skills and so on, but my dd4 as had loads of medical problems since birth sees so many peads for her health, and due to being tube fed and her not eating orally by mouth our salt as sent her to see a child psychiatrist which we have been today with anyway sounds like she thinks dd could be on the spectrum, she said it must be so hard having two children on different ends of the spectrum, but am so confused as dd as eye contact, over sociable very loud she watched her play(she as good pretend play skills) had everything out in room all over floor only kept her attention for seconds each time she still in nappies but as colitis dont sleep never gets tired tbh i was thinking adhd she as behavioural problems and yes she as traits but don't all kids? anyway what am saying could she be on the spectrum cos she is soo different to ds.

coff33pot Thu 22-Sep-11 22:09:12

I dont think there are two kids on the spectrum alike to be honest and I am not in a position to say it would or would not be ADHD.

I can tell you that my DS is currently being assessed for AS/ASD and he is overly sociable to adults and highly verbal but doesnt actually talk too them iyswim he talks AT them. He doesnt play with one toy unless its a ps3 or wii game. Everything else he will flit to and fro and no game is used for what its supposed to be used for. However his social skills are virtually non existent and his sleep pattern fluctuates on stages of stress.

trace2 Fri 23-Sep-11 14:49:04

thanks coff33pot for replying i will just have to wait and see what happens me thinks.

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