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advise on starting the statementing process

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supercalafragalistic Tue 20-Sep-11 22:41:51

My DS1 was diagnosed with DCD about a yr ago after a very difficult reception year and ASD during the summer after a difficult yr1. I feel he has made very little progress socially or academically since starting school. We have had to fight for every assessment he has had so far from school and it is exhausting and soul destroying with little resulting help. I had a meeting with his new class teacher and SENCo today and made my feelings very clear that my intention was to start the statementing process. I think his class teacher was supportive of this but the SENCo seemed worried about the paperwork! She also felt that we needed more evidence but I do not want to leave this to the school as I feel we have wasted enough time already. Can anyone recommend what assessments hold the most weight in terms of a statement and by which professionals? I also feel he may have dyslexia/dysnumeracy and sensory issues too. He has started to develop a noisy tick which is causing problems (any advice from those in the know?). His behavior has also started to cause problems which have not been a problem previously. Hope to find some support as this is one hell of a journey! Many Thanks

Claw3 Wed 21-Sep-11 09:09:21

I am going to start the SA process again at the end of next month.

Which assessments carry the most weight would depend entirely on what your ds's difficulties are

Do you have evidence of lack of progress?

Also ask the school if they plan to support your request, this can make all the difference. They dont have to apply, just support your request.

beautifulgirls Wed 21-Sep-11 14:22:48

If you haven't already seen it I would suggest you look up the IPSEA website. Lots of advice about statementing on there and helplines so you can call up and speak to people for advice. Good luck.

WetAugust Wed 21-Sep-11 14:24:49

Initially, in helping the LA to decide whether to conduct a full assessment that may lead to a Statement, it would be the School's evidence that carried most weight.

That said. you can provide your own private assessments both when applying for a Statement, to add more evidence of the need for a full assessment, or at the full assessment stage itself.

Once the LA has agreed to assess, part of the assessment involves the LA's Ed Pysch writing a report. That usually carries the most weight however you can counter their Ed Pysch's report (which TBH is usually very basic) with your own private comprehensive Ed Pysch's report.

I would recommend getting a private Ed Pysch report done now as it would rveal the full extent of his dyslexia and other learning difficultues and also make recommendations about how he should be supported in school.

Best wishes

supercalafragalistic Thu 22-Sep-11 20:50:28

Thanks everyone that is very helpful. I have been thinking about getting an Ed Pysch report done ASAP as time is of the essence (he is 6). Bad day yesterday as he got aggressive with a reception child. He is not an usually an aggressive child but his social skills and understanding are so poor he often gets into scrapes during lunch play. I am so fed up of the 'walk of shame' at school pick up. I feel like my parenting is always under the spotlight! Dark days and I get really down with it. He has developed a noisy oral tick since starting yr 1, anybody any knowledge or ideas on this?

supercalafragalistic Thu 22-Sep-11 20:51:37

also can anyone recommend an Ed Pysch in the Cambridge region?

lifesamerrygoround Thu 22-Sep-11 21:08:03

Hi, Im on a similar path to you. Im considering pursuing the statement route too. My DS is 6 also and just diagnoised with DCD. I am at my wits end with his behavour and lack of progress with education. I have worked my ass off and getting no where. Cannot even get all the phonic sounds.

We can hold hands and cry together. Im dreading this, but hey has to be done sad

Good luck, keep me posted.

supercalafragalistic Thu 22-Sep-11 21:21:08

thanks lifesamerrygoround, yup it is a tough road this one! It is so frustrating when you see your child struggling and yet cant access any help. The behavior can be quite crazy in our house at the mo. I feel really sorry for him as I know it's frustration and lack of understanding but it's draining for us too! Have you tried any strategies? We tried the 1-2-3 magic stuff but I think this is designed for neurotypical kids and seems to have little effect!

With regards to phonics the jollyphonics CD worked well for DS. We are now using the write from the start programme to try and improve fine motor skills as he still struggles to write his name

lifesamerrygoround Thu 22-Sep-11 21:41:12

Hi, Ive never heard of 1-2-3 magic stuff. Will have to look into it.
Ive got write from the start at home, but not working on it at the moment as more concerned about the reading. I work 4 days a week, so its hard to squeeze the daily programs in along with everything else.
I have started on Bear neccesseties reading programme, which is proving very good so far. We are also reading piperbooks also (BR1) which are great for quessing readers like DS. Will be starting apples and pears for writing and spelling next. We have also just started INPP (retained reflexes therapy) and vision therapy.
Unfortunatly as Im only starting out I cant really comment on wheither it works. Im also doing so much at one time, im not even going to know what works if any hmm im just that desperate to help him, i dont care.

I feel I am constantly bribing DS to do things. His self esteem is at zero at the moment, tho im very low and struggling to cope with the diagnois (only a week) We go over the top with the praise and it seems to work well. Some days are a struggle and some days not. confused

Have you been given any wee exercises by OT that would help with fine motor control? If not I can pull mine out for you?

beautifulgirls Thu 22-Sep-11 21:42:26

With regard to finding an Ed Psych I would suggest you call SOS:SEN and ask them as they keep a list of Ed Psychs who have they consider good for statementing needs.

Claw3 Thu 22-Sep-11 21:45:38

SOS SEN or Ipsea have a list of EP's in different areas, if no one else can recommend one they have used in your area. These EP's are also experienced with writing reports for statement process and Tribunal purposes too.

1st EP i used pre-dx with ds, her report was totally different to the EP's report i instructed for Tribunal.

supercalafragalistic Thu 22-Sep-11 22:12:12

Thanks for this ladies, I will investigate EP list! Do you have any idea of cost involved?
Lifesamerrygoround, we have been given finger exercises by OT but I am with you on trying to fit it all in! TBH we have concentrated on finding things he enjoys to boost his confidence as it has been quite low. I have concentrated on swimming lessons in a very small group (3) and this has been very successful! I think this has helped with strengthening him in general. He was in general swimming lessons which was a disaster! Also just started gymnastics which is a big hit as lots of trampoline. Non competitive stuff is best for confidence.
We got a diagnosis of DCD a yr ago but only because we paid for an OT because we were so worried and the waiting list is so long in this area. We got a diagnosis of mild autism very recently so I am still grieving and coming to terms with this too. I am only just starting to feel like doing battle again!

With the reading I think it just needs to be little and often as they learn best by repetition. DS forgets things quickly! Is he on the reading recovery programme at school?

lifesamerrygoround Thu 22-Sep-11 22:42:34

Dyslexia advise centre over here get an indep EP to do the assessment and its £380. Im over in NI tho, so not sure about England.
Fun things that I find good for fine motor are:
1. playdoh/plasticine
2. peg boards (toy story one works a treat)
3. creepie crawlies - get a long bit of tissue and get DS to use his fingers to crumple the tissue up to the palm of him hand.
4. Money Box - Get Ds to lift 5 or so coins with one hand and only using fingers to put the coins into the money box.
5. Clothes peg and a lunch box - get ds to use thumb and finger only to pug peg round the box and off again.
6. beading and sewing boards
7. Lego (DS loves lego)
8. paperclips - join together to make a chain and then seperate them again.
Im told by OT these are more important to do than practicing the handwriting as without the strength, practice is not going to help.
Im sure theres more, ill try to remember.

DS goes to swimming lessons too. Its as group at the moment and seems to be doing good so far. We are on level one, just started a few weeks ago.
Gymnastics?? I thought that would have been really difficult for child with DCD?
We also have just started Drama class to see if it will build up some confidence and self esteem. (he is soooo dramatic and over sensitve!!!) Im unsure wheither this is a good idea lol

Reading recovery. Ohhh what a touchy subject! DS was put on stage one school action at end of last year. I discovered at appointment reading recovery is not going ahead this year due to funding and also no TA in Yr 2. This concerns me as DS always requires assistance to complete tasks as per school report last year. Im really torn with the idea of moving to a school that has more to offer, but worried about uprooting wee guy. In the meantime he goes to kip mcgrath education centre for 80 mins on at sat. There is only DS and another boy with similar issues at this class.

Its hard to come to terms with isnt it. Its the uncertainty of what the future holds for DC. All i want is for DS to fit in (even more than the education), but unfortunatly he stands out like a sore thumb and it breaks my heart for him. sad

supercalafragalistic Thu 22-Sep-11 22:55:20

thanks I will try some of the fine motor stuff you suggest. Yes lego is a big hit in our house too (as is anything Toy Story!)
I wouldn't have thought Gymnastics would have been a hit but it is. They know he has DCD so give him a bit extra help. I think its because it is not competitive or involves a ball! Alo involves lots of trampoline and balance bar work which is good.
I have thought about Drama lessons so may need to investigate a bit more. How do you find Kip McGrath? I think we have one in Cambridge too. It's hard to do too much as DS gets soooo tired and then becomes a pain!
Hmm not providing reading recovery sounds dodgy! Although saying that my DS got his 'Fizzy Fingers' fine motor help taken away this year due to TA cuts! Bloody funding! I complained to the area SENCO and it has returned!

lifesamerrygoround Thu 22-Sep-11 23:11:40

Last week was first week, so cant really tell how it is at moment. Seen some good comments from people on this, so thought Id give it a go. DS needs something closer to 1-1 so Kumon wasnt an option. Due to probs, kip agreed to just DS and another boy. I pay £25 for 80 mins. You can find local centre if you go on to their main website. They do a free assessment, which determines reading age and wheither they believe DC is behind. unfortunatly DS is so behind reading age couldnt be calculated. DS really enjoyed it last week and is more than willing to go back this week, so def a big bonus. Not too much homework at moment. (few words and maths sheet)
Gutted about the reading recovery, thats why im so determained to get him more help other ways. If they cant fund it the education board will have to. (thats me in fight mode, best I can do for now)

Claw3 Fri 23-Sep-11 08:15:52

1st EP i instructed was just me taking ds to her and not for statement process, she charged about £300. 2nd EP for statement process, assessed and observed ds in school about £800.

If you are on benefits you can get free legal advice and they will pay for the cost of EP assessment and other assessments.

Also SOS SEN, will also 'lend' parents the money to take these experts to Tribunal as witnesses whether you are on benefits or not.

Thought that might be handy to know.

lifesamerrygoround Fri 23-Sep-11 08:55:10

claw3 thanks for advice. Your scaring me! This is going to be harder than I thought!
I may start saving now. shock
How did you stay sane dealing with all that???!!! I know im going get really badly wound up. Unfortunatly I cry when im angry or nervous too blush

sazale Fri 23-Sep-11 09:58:04

Lifesamerrygoround, I cry as well when angry/frustrated especially when it's to do with my kids! It drives me insane because I don't do it any other time and I'm normally quite straight talking! As things are revving up for us with school I'm gonna be having to deal with this more and more. I get so annoyed with myself!

Claw3 Fri 23-Sep-11 13:59:59

Lifesamerry, if your ds's difficulties are severe and blantly obvious, it will be easier. If your ds lashes out, is disruptive, causes others and teachers difficulties, it will be easier. It is expensive, im single parent, i begged, stole and borrowed and he still didnt get a statement, so im saving and preparing for round 2!

So unless you are exceptionally lucky, there will be anger, there will be tears for your own sanity you will learn to put your emotions on the back burner and treat it like a business arrangement and always be the calm, reasonable one. Rant on here if you need to, most of us have been in exactly the same position as you at some time or another, MN and all the wonderful support and understanding you will get, will be your life line.

And of course the reason you are doing all this, your ds, will give you the strength to fight, carry on and do whatever is necessary smile

lifesamerrygoround Fri 23-Sep-11 17:13:44

Thanks guys. Spoke to my local advice centre (similar to ipsea). They took some details and are sending pack out and phoning me back with what I need to pull together to produce to school and to advise what I need to say. Felt very encouraged for a change!

Can anyone clarify what the difference is between stat assessment and statement? Im daft, thought they were the same thing? What should I be going for/starting with?

Sorry supercalafragalistic, didnt mean to hijack your thread blush

supercalafragalistic Fri 23-Sep-11 18:11:06

No worries as actually what Claw3 has said is useful for me too. I am coming round to the idea that this is going to be a very heartbreaking Journey! It involves painting a black, bleak picture of your child which is never easy to do as a mother! I am also in 2 minds to give DS any extra home help at mo as friends have said that they need to be 'failing' badly to have any chance!

Really cross as just got back from work, he has no reading books as 'forgot' to change (kids have to do it in yr 2). No reading record as not put back by staff, no homeschool book . Apparently been thirsty at school all day but staff said no water bottle! (I have brought 2 in this week but he cant find them) Nobody gives a shit about him! AHHHHHHHHH. Sorry for moaning but it makes me want to go in with a blow them all up!

WetAugust Fri 23-Sep-11 20:30:04


A Statutory assessment of spceial educational needs is the actual discovery process of the extent of those special needs and what support is needed to overcome the difficulties they present.

The Statement itself states the support that must be delivered (having identified what support is required during the statutory assessment).

You really need to get yourself a copy of the SEN COP and learn how the system works. That's a very large part of understanding what support should be provided. If you're not familiar with the SEN COP you really are at a huge disadvantage.

lifesamerrygoround Fri 23-Sep-11 22:34:23

thanks wetaugust. will have a good read at cop tonight. Just downloaded copy onto computer. Its very long! I may get the coffee on a drip. grin

super, I know what you mean. I have been trying to get DS to bring his new school coat home for 2 weeks now. He asked his teacher to help find it, but didnt happen, so I asked her. Still no coat. If its not coats its lunch boxes/school bags/homeworks
DS now does 3 special steps at end of each day.
1. homework and school bag
2. coat on
3. lunch bag
Unfortunatly he still needs to remember to do the 3 steps. hmm But it does help. He does this leaving to go to school, leaving school, and when I collect him from childminder.
Teacher knows about sons DCD and still commented about helping him be more independant. HELLO!!!! If only it was that bloody easy. I have printed a copy of DCD and symptoms to send in on Monday.
Could you go in and see teacher about it and see if you can work something out that may help or remind him?

supercalafragalistic Fri 23-Sep-11 22:54:09

That sounds so like DS! He seriously WOULD forget his head if not screwed on! (grin)
I gave DS's teacher the dyspraxia classroom guidelines last week. They are really good.

lifesamerrygoround Fri 23-Sep-11 23:14:06

What I find so confusing is one day he will impress me with how organised he is, and the next will be a total scatter brain.

HOWEVER, if he is promised a treat, its funny how they manage to NEVER forget about that! lol

Thanks for the link. That looks better. Will send that in instead. Alot more detailed and good advice.

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