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Meeting with statement writer tomorrow - any last minute advice?

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mumgoingcrazy Tue 20-Sep-11 19:27:58

I'm pretty nervous, luckily DH said he'd come.

I've been emailing them, they know what I want the statement to say. They assured me we would discuss the expected outcome of the meeting beforehand - they havn't. They assured me they would tell me prior to the meeting on what grounds DD2 was refused 32 hours and given 25 - they havn't.

Luckily, DD2's school have written a letter explaining how disappointed they are and a list of reasons why DD2 should have 32 hours and emailed it to them.

Any last minute tips would be gratefully received, I've already had 2 glasses of wine!! TIA x

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 20-Sep-11 21:04:02

Well, don't agree to anything unless you are absolutely absolutely sure.

For the rest, if something 'sounds good' and you feel you would look unreasonable for refusing, insist that whilst you do thank them for their offer, you would have to think about it and get back to them in a couple of days.

If the school are 'disappointed' you could use them as an excuse i.e. i have to discuss it with them, or if you really need it, you can suggest that your representative has advised you to hear what they have to say despite no agenda or grounds, but that you have also been advised that you must not agree to anything until you have put it passed them.

Them - being us, of course grin

mumgoingcrazy Tue 20-Sep-11 21:11:27

Thank you, I'm a bit worried they will rail road me into saying yes to things but I'll stand firm and run it past you first grin

Thanks again.

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 21-Sep-11 15:17:18


Sorry but had to go to bed shortly after posting.

How did it go? How are you feeling?

mumgoingcrazy Wed 21-Sep-11 20:56:08

Hello, well they gave me everything I asked for. We now have 32.5 hours, and they have changed all the wording so DD2 will 'receive' the 32.5 hrs, specified the TA had to be qualified. Group work is going to be led by someone else and the 1:1 will help DD2 participate etc etc

I basically quoted you lot and that is what they have given me, I have a statement worth the paper it's written on.

I started a new thread thanking everyone before I saw this I'm afraid. I REALLY appreciate all your help though. Thank you!!

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