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An awful weekend

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insanityscatching Mon 19-Sep-11 12:34:19

Dd came home from after school club upset (email to HT) then in the early hours of Saturday started with a gastric bug and was poorly all weekend.
Older dd 18 went out Saturday and caught the last bus home. Felt intimidated and worried by a bloke (thirties) sat behind her so text her oldest brother to meet her from the bus, he was working and so text the next one who went to meet her. Worryingly the bloke got off the bus at the last minute after dd and legged it in the opposite direction when ds got out of the car to meet dd.
In the early hours of this morning ds 16 started with the bug and it's been horrific. I'm not good with bodily functions anyway and ds needs more assistance than the average teen so it's been particularly bad. There has been no let up since 2am, the washer and dryer have been on constantly and I've used 3 kitchen rolls cleaning up the loo and bathroom repeatedly.
The repercussions mean ds will now stop eating until he thinks of something he's willing to try and he's at the thin end of his normal range already as without school to nag him to eat during the day it's been a struggle to get enough calories into him and of course I know it's likely that the rest of us will come down with it as well sad.

coff33pot Mon 19-Sep-11 12:59:32

OMG instanity what an awful time of it you are having and how frightening for your dd! Thank goodness for mobiles and brothers smile

I hate tummy bugs too and dd has a fear of germs big time so she gets stressed out and paranoid of catching it she is a nightmare when it comes to bugs.

I do hope your DS tummy settles soon and that you can have some well earned above the call of duty rest! smile

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