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ECDM - legal information and sample letter for refusal to assess by Social Services

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Tota1Xaos Mon 19-Sep-11 10:32:20

Every Disabled Child Matters together with a barrister and solicitor have put together a brief information pack and sample letter re:refusal to assess by SS. Thought it might be useful to some on here-

this link is to a pdf file, so you will need adobe acrobat to read it.

bochead Mon 19-Sep-11 11:08:04

ta ; )

useful to have the info hand.

Got refused for help earlier this year when I asked under section 17 while being investigated due to my child's behavior at his last school.

Very violating experience so not ready to "go there" but it's helpful to have in my back pocket for the next time I "dare" go to tribunal ; )

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