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Good news at last!!

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Suzza Sun 18-Sep-11 23:19:36

After a very hard 12 months, of starting school and having a total meltdown and our lives being turned upside down and around and around. Friday we finally found out 3 things - our DS is going to receive a proposed statement in two weeks, he has been awarded a DLA and with regards to further diagnosis's for (PDA), we may not have to to pay £3K and travel to Nottingham but can possibly get it down close to home on the NHS, things are looking up, I feel a bit more alive and ready to take on the next chaos!

Just wanted to let you all know that after all the horrendous struggles and battles that we have to endure on a day to day basis. In the end we all get there!!! Just keep fighting for what you believe for your child.....x

coff33pot Mon 19-Sep-11 00:01:07

Nice news! I love to read it! grin

I am really glad for you and your DS onwards and upwards! smile

justaboutstillhere Mon 19-Sep-11 09:27:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 19-Sep-11 09:32:40

thank you for sharing. And well done to you. We all know these things don't appear like magic! smile

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