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Extra day off tomorrow to avoid meltdown

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coff33pot Sun 18-Sep-11 22:41:40

The dilema of school. DS is supposed to go to school tomorrow in fancy dress, he has to bring a favourite toy and dress up as a favourite character.

Trouble is he is obsessed with guns weapons & superheros, and the school knows this. TA suggests policeman would be nice (they have a gun) soldier (gun) pirate (sword) Star Wars (lightsaber) Ben10 (oh god noooo). he is forever getting told off as he dispears into his fantasy world and play fights. He likes Harry Potter but wont dress up as him as he says he would have to have glasses and he doesnt like the feel also the stick he has will start off as a wand but will progress to a sword by the end of the morning for sure.

We have just had a stressy two days trying to convince DS to take a car or a helicopter. He hates them he says teach said favourite I would be lying (true in a way hmm

Just chatted to DH and said if I send him he wont go without gun, then he wont be able to control not playing with it and be in trouble or they will say he is being violent because he is shooting. I just know this is going to happen.

Feel awful but really just plain tempted to just not send him. Its bad enough him melting down after school everyday recently without starting off on the wrong foot in the morning and him being worse due to the teachers having a go during the day on top if this. What would any of you do?

mum2joshua04 Sun 18-Sep-11 23:28:49

Blimey i thought i was just reading something i had wrote! Sounds exactly like my son, he is also obsessed with swords/guns etc, and tbh, i would be one of them who gives him a day off! Sorry no help but would be great to know what others can advise on this situation x

davidsotherhalf Mon 19-Sep-11 08:40:08

i think it's time to play dress up at home with mum, just so he don't feel left out when he gets to school and hears dc talking about it iyswim, makes it special if mum joins in, he could dress you up as a clown and put you some old makeup on etc, just have fun at home. i kept my dd off school to avoid meltdowns, sports day, we would make our own up in the garden, school trips, (dd wasn't included) she had to stay in school while dc went out, i would keep her off and take her out somewhere special to her,

DeWe Mon 19-Sep-11 09:59:24

If I was choosing I'd go for gun. After all he's not actually going to hurt anything by pretend shooting (and face it the boys are capable of doing that with nothing but their hands) whereas hitting with a sword can hurt. If the TA thinks he can come in with a gun as a policeman or something and never pretend to fire it then she's living in a dream world really.

coff33pot Mon 19-Sep-11 11:06:38

Thanks guys he has gone in as dd was to dress up for her school today so that triggered his memory that he was supposed to too.......

He has gone in as Ben 10 in all the kit. I was deliberately late in waking him up so it was a case of "quick, quick before we dont make it" which didnt give him time to think of a change. Thankfully that is just an omnitrix watch and a humungasor figure. He will growl his morning out and probably disapear into ben10 land but apart from funny looks from amazed kids at least that is not so bad as telling someone he will blow their heads off grin Heres hoping anyway....hmm

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