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Those of you in Somerset or thereabouts - great place for horse therapy

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sphil Sun 18-Sep-11 18:25:13

Its called Special Horses for Special Children and is near Chard. We've just been for the second time - had a morning session of three hours which included grooming Shetland ponies, sensory work on a horse, riding and painting a horse! The woman who runs it has an autistic son and is also a very experienced horsewoman - she uses the 'Horseboy' method devised by Rupert Isaacson. Ds2 (ASD) wouldnt go near the horses last time, but this time was up and riding after an hour. Ds1, who has dyspraxia which particularly affects his balance and core stability, absolutely loved it - he was trotting by the end of the session. The horses and ponies are completely calm, even around shrieky Ds2, and have also been trained in circus skills, which Ds1 did last time.

Its £90 for a 3 hour session for the whole family, but there are various sources of funding which the owner is very knowledgeable about. We have had two sessions funded by Somerset Short Breaks, for example. And for that you get the undivided attention of the owner and her team - she is particularly good at thinking of creative ways to encourage reluctant children. Ds2 wouldnt come near the horses at first today and was spinning on an office chair inside. So they pushed him and the chair across the courtyard over to the horse and made a game of alternate spinning on the chair and sitting on the horse.

MangoMonster Sun 18-Sep-11 18:42:02

Sounds great, thanks for posting.

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