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EP visit for SAssess

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coff33pot Thu 15-Sep-11 19:28:03

Ok so the EP assessed DS in class. Short story of DS is 6 and first day of term they threw him into whole class senario without warning (prior to hols he was 1 to 1 in separate room. Long story in another post but basically caused meltdowns and now sleepwalking big time.

EP met with us after on her own said lovely boy, talked with him for a while but he was very anxious and wary of her. She noted he cannot concentrate for more than 10 mins and is finding class difficult although it is smaller and quieter. I relayed my fears of what it is actually doing to DS and the stress he is under and also the worry that an erruption could happen inside the class as he will only hold it for while and it is building up.

She said that she is going to talk to all involved and make it clear exactly how DS is feeling, that he should have his visuals and that the home book should be reinstated. Also mentioned some sort of sensory diet. (which I already mentioned to senco but hey ho)

What worried me was her ending statement that when she writes the report they will need to exagerate it a bit to make sure he gets the statement and dont be upset by what you read?

This was 3 days ago now and its just hit home. I dont want her lying about my child. He has enough complex issues of his own to merit a statement just not a dx yet. I am also worried that the school could then choose to say they dont want DS there using the basis of an exagerated report......(I know I am so damned suspicious but have been given could cause to be in the past)

Anyone had experience of an EP saying this??? this is the first statement process I have done.

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 15-Sep-11 19:45:25

Honestly, I don't think she meant she was going to exaggerate it. I think she was trying to be kind. because these things are bloody hard to read.

And I expect that she knows the key words to use which can be quite frightening to the uninitiated parent.

I would ask the EP if you could see the report before it was circulated to make sure that you are comfortable with what she has written and add your views if necessary. If she is good and sensible she will oblige.

If you have any objections or really do not recognise your ds then you will have the opportunity to input.

I honestly cannot tell you how upsetting it can be to see a professional opinion of your child's difficulties on paper. You go through life trying to make the best of it and reminding yourself of everything your child has going for them, but the report will be about everything your child has going against them.

I would wait and see, personally.

coff33pot Thu 15-Sep-11 20:50:34

Thanks for that Star I guess its all getting a bit OTT with the school refusing to accept certain needs and fears DS has and it has been one hell of a fortnight tbh resulting in me being a bit OTT too smile

Good news is his homebook has been reintroduced and DS was calm enough to actually go and enjoy Beavers tonite (hyper now tho lol) He did say he had a kind of "PE" at lunchtime so I am assuming they are starting some of the sensory diet suggestions from the EP.

And you are right about reading bad stuff the Pead report was bad enough and it was a short meeting so god knows what this one will look like. I will phone her and ask to see a draft that is a good idea thanks.

Triggles Thu 15-Sep-11 21:58:58

I have to admit it is an odd way for the EP to put it. We were told that to be prepared to be upset when we read DS2's report, as it is often difficult for parents to read something that seems to highlight all the difficulties that our child is facing. But we were never told they were going to exaggerate things. hmm

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 15-Sep-11 22:01:53

Perhaps she feels she has to hammer some points home as the school are being extra difficult?

So, it is one thing to say she recommends ds has a home-school book, but another thing to suggest that without it he is at risk of anxiety and therefore likely to be one of the 15% of HFA young people who have attempted suicide by the age of 25 iyswim.

coff33pot Thu 15-Sep-11 22:13:27

It is odd Triggles. I do have a pead report stating that DS has SPD and SCD, limited if no eye contact and anxious, is in need of an OT and SALT. On top of all this he is being assessed for AS. There really is no need to exagerate anything to be honest. What went through my head was how the school keep insisting on using terms to exagerate ie. DS hits out, or pushes someone out the way to go and hide is written down as violent attack or assault OR he disapears into imaginary world of superheros under the table is written down as "violent fantasies" drives me scatty and I have asked them why dont they just put exactly what happened. Answer was you dont understand, we are trying to get a statement to help your son. Not by exageration their not.

But this woman did seem nice and genuine and she clearly has made an impact on DS TA/Teachers as I have seen a mild change in DS in the last couple days. So I think I shall have to just wait and see rather than act like a bull in a china shop....

coff33pot Thu 15-Sep-11 22:16:30

sorry star cross posted there smile

You could be right there that she feels she needs to clarify in a more indepth way for the schools understanding of it all.

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