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IEP target question

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Claw3 Thu 15-Sep-11 18:12:36

I have 2 IEP's in front on me with the evaluation section left blank. Targets remain the same on both, just the success criteria has changed.

One target is for ds to express his anxieties at school with confidence. Sucess criteria in first IEP is for ds to discuss with a staff member on 5 seperate occasions. Next IEP it has been reduced to 3 seperate occasions. Does this means he didnt met previous target, so they have reduced the success criteria or that he met it 5 times, so its been reduced to 3? surely if he met it 5 times, the target has then been reached, so would not be repeated?

They have also changed 1 of the 4 areas of difficulty, for a totally new and unrelated difficulty, despite the evaluation section being left blank on previous one. So to develop ds's inference and social skills has now been replaced with ds telling the teacher if he cannot see the board. So he failed to met social skills target and its been replaced with something else?

Am i reading this right? SENCO claimed he has met all his IEP targets at tribunal.

WetAugust Thu 15-Sep-11 23:31:09

They must evaluate the older IEP before stting the new. Just writing an IEP and not recording the outcome is plainly stupid - and also denies you the document trail you may need at a future Tribunal. For instance if the new IEP has reduced the task to 3 events when the old one said 5 events then the old IEP should say something like "failed to x on 5 occasions so this will be reduced to 3 occasions (on new IEP).

I would demand they record the outcome on the last IEP and that they draw up the new IEP in partnership with you.

Best wishes

Claw3 Fri 16-Sep-11 00:03:34

Thanks Wet, ds doesnt appear to have a new IEP, last one was in October 2010, new one was due in February 2011, just before Tribunal strangely enough, he is now 3 IEP's behind.

I have just written to them, SENCO told tribunal a pack of lies.

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