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Difference between ADHD/ODD and naughty boisterous boy

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Clare123 Thu 15-Sep-11 09:33:12

My ds is just 4 years old and has always been a really tough child to parent. He is often hyper, silly and always boisterous. He likes to annoy people, and will not listen to a thing we say. I often get "you have your hands full" and he just seems a bit out of control. He can play nicely, and behave well, but for only about 30% of the time. My husband does not see there is a problem and we always end up arguing if I suggest there is. Nursery have not raised any concerns. BUT, why is it I spend my days completely drained by him. He spits at me, and hits me and really seems to enjoy making me cross.

Can anyone help??does this sound like ADHD?

ragged Thu 15-Sep-11 10:04:54


wasuup3000 Thu 15-Sep-11 10:37:09

Every child is different so it is hard to say but I would trust your instincts and get him checked out. Whether he has ADHD or not sounds like you could do with some advice.

My boy who is being assessed atm: Can't wait for anything, if he wants a drink it has to be now, laughs at you if you are telling him off and tends to say "go on then" if being discipilned, he will hit, spit or kick out at anyone, he will also make innappropriate comments, he will also hug anyone, can't concentrate and keep on converstaion topics, and is easily distracted form anything by everything, he never walks anywhere always runs.

He doesn't set out to be "nasty or mean to hurt" but just seems impulsive in his behaviour and lack a control over it.

dolfrog Thu 15-Sep-11 15:07:40


The research into these issues is moving away from the behaviorist concepts in the early attempts to describe a whole range of issues, and now using the new research technologies related to neuroscience and genetics to try to explain how and why this issues happen. All very new, from about 1990 onwards, and still a very long way to go.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is considered to have many
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) underlying issues.
ADHD has in more recent times become a spectrum of issues, or many subtypes of issues. Until the age of maturation, 7 - 8 years of age, when remain developmental issues can become clinically diagnosable conditions, you may only be able to seek advice based on your observations, however the genetic side of the problems may provide some way of improving your case for support, so if there is a family history of these types of issues, then the medical professionals will have some potential areas of understanding of your DS's issues at a younger age.

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