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LA backed down yeay!

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beautifulgirls Wed 14-Sep-11 19:57:10

Had a letter today to tell me the LA are not going to contest our tribunal appeal and have agreed to start the statutory assessment process. I am thrilled. Was expecting them to either not back down or to wait until the last minute before tribunal to tell me, but tribunal wasn't until Jan 2012. Now let's hope they see sense from here...yeah ok, I know, but still.

Can anyone remind me of the timescales from here please? Thanks

Claw3 Wed 14-Sep-11 23:21:30

Good news for you smile well done. (just googled as need to remind myself, to get ready for round 2)

Local authority receives request for statutory assessment - six weeks to make decision about whether to carry out an assessment.

Local authority decides not to assess - writes to parents with information about their right to appeal.

Or... local authority decides to assess.

Local authority seeks advice from parents and a range of professionals within ten weeks (unless in exceptional circumstances).

Local authority decides whether or not to make a statement within two weeks of receiving all the advice.

Local authority decides not to make a statement and writes to parents telling them that they have the right to appeal.

Or... local authority decides to make a statement and issues a proposed statement within two weeks.

Local authority has eight weeks to make a final statement.

Total time: 26 weeks.

beautifulgirls Thu 15-Sep-11 14:12:59

Thanks Claw - good luck with your fight too.

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