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Do the LEA work during school holidays?

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Shakirasma Wed 14-Sep-11 17:23:19

At the very end of last term my sons pre school finally sent off the completed application for a statutory assessment.

My understanding is that they have 6 weeks to notify of a decision to proceed or not, but we have heard nothing at all from them and it will be 8 weeks on Friday. Do they only count term time weeks?

It is down to me to chase it as my son in now at primary school, not the pre school anymore.

IndigoBell Wed 14-Sep-11 17:25:30

Yes, the 6 weeks excludes the summer holidays.

Shakirasma Wed 14-Sep-11 17:27:41

Thank you indigobell

silverfrog Wed 14-Sep-11 17:28:28

they do work, but will try to use it as an excuse.

last time I was about to be caught out by the summer holidays, I put it in writing beforehand that I expected the work to be done asap after the break (it suited us to have the summer too, otherwise I would have been pushing for before the end of term) - ie I wanted written confirmation that the EP woudl visit dd1 at school before the end of the first week back.

chase, chase, and chase again. show them you will not go away until they answer your quesitons. be the (nicest, politest) biggest nuisance you can be, and they will deal with your case to be rid fo you.

PipinJo Wed 14-Sep-11 18:34:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magso Wed 14-Sep-11 18:44:17

Our LEA does not officially work any of August.

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