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Extra disablity allowance form arriving in post????

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skewiff Wed 14-Sep-11 13:20:17

I filled in my son's disablity allowance forms thoroughly in June and he has been awarded middle rate for the second time.

Last time I never recieved these extra forms - but just now two large packs of forms to fill in have arrived.

One pack says that it is forms for under 3s and the other says forms for under 5s.

One book is for terminally ill children. Once seems to be extra or similar (perhaps the same) questions about care and mobility.

The letter says that the disablity allowance will be reassessed once/if the forms are sent back and may come back at a higher or lower rate, or for a greater or lesser amount of time.

I really cannot be bothered to fill in any more forms. My son will not qualify for mobility allowance, I am sure - if this is what all these forms are about ...

Do you think if I leave it they'll just leave us be???

Thank you.

ouryve Wed 14-Sep-11 13:26:04

How old is he? The threshold ages for mobility are 3 (for HRM) and 5 (for LRM) and they usually send out updated forms for these in advance of the relevant birthday.

skewiff Wed 14-Sep-11 13:33:54

He will be 5 next birthday, but its not until March.

bigbluebus Wed 14-Sep-11 13:51:05

What expiry date did they put on his last award for DLA?
They always send renewal forms out 6 mths before renewal date so presumably the fact that you have just had more forms ties in with the fact his 5th birthday will be in 6 mths time.

Ben10WasTheSpawnNowWeLoveLego Wed 14-Sep-11 13:53:59

Remember low rate mobility is for children who need extra guidance and supervision when outdoors. It is not about whether they can walk or not.

ouryve Wed 14-Sep-11 16:06:49

Skewiff - that sounds about right - they send them out 6 months before the birthday. If your son needs more attention out and about (eg he has a tendency to run off or sit down at random, or progress is incredibly slow or he is in danger because he exhibits obsessive or compulsive behaviours such as having to look down every single storm drain he passes) he would probably be entitled to LRM.

skewiff Wed 14-Sep-11 21:24:51

OK. That must be it then.

My son does need extra attention when out, although his walking isn't affected too badly.

How much is lower rate mobility? I have a small baby and do not have the energy to fill out forms again if its going to be for not a lot extra ...

Also I'm quite nervous about filling out the form and that resulting in our existing DLA being reduced. I spent such a long time doing the full form (just before baby came along) and now don't have the time or energy to be so pedantic about it.

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