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What support should school give for DS with ASD

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Boogiemumma Tue 13-Sep-11 23:33:55

My DS has several ASD tendencies although no formal diagnosis has been made as yet as he is very high functioning and some of his issues mild. Her has seen a paediatricain who wants to review in 6 months time. He does however, have several challenging behaviours and difficulties displayed at home and school; angry outburts, inability to concentrate / keep still for extended periods, issues with fine and gross motor skills, fixations and issues with social interactions. I have no support in pace at the moment and have asked school for a meeting to discuss what they can offer and how they can help at school. From your experience are their certain things they should or can offer or certain things that I shoulf be asking of them?

Triggles Wed 14-Sep-11 07:43:11

It's difficult as it all depends on the child and their needs, as well as the school and their set up/programmes.

DS2 has full time 1:1 support, Fizzy class 3 times per week, visual aids, physical aids as needed (ear defenders, wobble cushion, etc), separate work station, and other things as needed. But these are things implemented over the course of a year as they came across things that helped him. The school is always looking at new things to try to support him as well.

I think part of it also is if there are particular reasons for certain behaviours, which needs to be looked at to see if support can improve this as well, rather than always reacting to the behaviour.

Our SENCO has DS2's IEP to be reviewed every 2 months, so we can discuss progress and any support changes needed regularly, plus she is quite happy for us to stop by to speak to her or email her with any concerns between IEP reviews for changes. It might be helpful for you to suggest that initially you have regular meet-ups, even if they are just quick ones, to review how your DS is progressing and discuss if any other support would be beneficial. It's also good to get your SENCO's email, so you're not playing phone tag to meet up with them.

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