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So what exactly is "Hate Crime"?

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TessOfTheDinnerbells Mon 12-Sep-11 12:48:23

Sorry if this is a bit of a heavy subject for the start of the week but, in the MN style of welcoming a healthy debate....

are there any MNers with legal knowledge of this & can you define what would be considered a "Hate Crime" say Vs. Prejudice against race or disability?

Also, is this the same definition that you all had in mind?

Have posted this in AIBU too as it may be interesting to see if there is a real difference of opinion here.

amberlight Mon 12-Sep-11 17:51:54

is today's report from the Equality and Human Rights people who give very good definitions of what's what.
It shows the horrifying level of hate crimes against disabled people (some 2 million disabled people a year in this country alone).

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