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anyone had Care rate of DLA change when applying for mobility??

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lisad123 Sun 11-Sep-11 23:19:37

I called for forms for mobility for dd2 as shes 3 but when i called they informed me that they will look at the whole claim again and it may change the care needs payment she gets.
Im too worried to apply now, although Im sure she would get it.
Her DLA pays for her special school and therapy and cant afford to lose it sad

intothewest Mon 12-Sep-11 08:50:15

They will definitely look at the whole claim again.

My friend had this happen ,but her DS was a lot older when she applied- It took a long time for it to be sorted,but she ended up being awarded 'til he's 18.

If your case is more straight forward ie:applying when DD2 is 3 ,it should not take as long- If her care needs are the same (or more as she is now 3 and they are compared to another child her age)then you should be o.k ?

Triggles Mon 12-Sep-11 19:27:00

Logic says that if their level of care warrants it, it won't be changed. But to be honest, that's why we didn't mess with putting in for mobility for DS2, even though he qualifies. We'll review the situation next year and see if we want to put in for it then. His DLA isn't up for renewal until 2013.

lisad123 Mon 12-Sep-11 20:56:56

She was only awarded it last year, and got it for 5 years

5inthebed Mon 12-Sep-11 20:58:53

Have they changed this Lisa? As last year I applied for mobility for Ds2 and only had to send the mobility part back. The care part was not looked at.

JackTheNipper Mon 12-Sep-11 21:01:25

We applied for motability about 6 months ago and have just got our car!
We mainly copied everything that we put on our previous form onto the the new form only a few things changed. however when I read the insturctions ( after I filled out the form) it said that if circumstances hadn't changed then to write no change in the relevant bit.
I don't see how they can take away your claim if nothhing has changed, that was my logic anyway.

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