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Advice please

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Sally200 Sat 10-Sep-11 20:05:54

Not really sure where to start. My ds, aged 3, nearly 4, has been diagnosed with SPD. He has other issues and the EP thinks he has asperges - he has been referred to the autistic panel for assessment - appointment will be in about 2 years!

DS's main issues - he is extremely over-reactive, I could close a drawer which is open near him so that he does not bang his head and he will be distressed, his level of understanding is nowhere near where it should be although is better than it was, he has speech and language problems - he only started talking about 18 months ago, he does not have to have strict routine but likes predictability, he really has no social skills - he doesn't know how to communicate with people and children - he can often be very rude, he will kiss and cuddle me (when asked) but won't anyone else, infact he can be quite mean to dh (thank god not me - selfish I know!). He is also a really bad sleeper - getting him to sleep on a night can take about an hour or more - he gets out of bed, shouts for mummy - no one else will do, during the night he can then wake up - sometimes 10 - 20 times a night. Have spent most of last night up with him. He wants to be near me or sometimes I don't think he knows what he wants. He can often be in his own bubble. He is very controlling and is becoming more specific in terms of things which have to be just right for him - such as the right spoon, the right socks etc.

I can get my head around the fact that he may have asperges. The EP has been fantastic as has the SALT. He has just started his last year at nursery which he loves. It is a small nursery - approx 20 children with three ladies who have worked there for years. They are great with ds, they give him as much one to one as he needs. Will decide next month whether to apply for a statement for when he starts school next year. I think he will need one.

Just wondered whether anyone has any advice on how to deal with him - such as his controlling behaviour. Also, the sleep thing is shocking at the moment - my mum thinks he is been naughty not going to sleep and the waking so many times a night. I'm not so sure - I think it is do with his problems. Who's right??

I am also thinking that ABA may be of help to him - any advice on this would be appreciated.

Thanks so much.


Sally200 Sun 11-Sep-11 07:38:01

Any advice/comments?

IndigoBell Sun 11-Sep-11 07:38:07

Sleep problems are probably due to his ASD.

ABA would help, and you certainly want to start that as soon as possible.

Other things would also help. Search for the recentish thread top 3 things that help.....

Chundle Sun 11-Sep-11 10:12:45

My dd2 is 2 so a lot younger but she has SPD and possibly dyspraxia with some autistic traits. Her sleep is horrific with many night wakenings. We have tried everything from a sleep counsellor to OT to no avail sad so no advice I'm afraid but they have said melatonin is the next step for her although she is a little young for it at the moment x

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