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Dyspraxia - signs to look for?

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farming4 Fri 09-Sep-11 14:28:27

Hi - just back from our local minor injuries unit (nothing much - just had to get an oat out of ds2's ear!)

Anyway when we were there, the nurse who was dealing with us asked if ds had dyspraxia - to which I said well he has verbal d but not motor afaik. She said that he had a particular gait which made her think he might have.

Not worried but its set me thinking - ds is 4 and still can't pedal a bike, struggles to use a pencil with a tripod grip, can't catch a ball, tends to trot with small steps on his tip-toes and seems to trip over his feet a lot.

All of which to me is just him - or maybe I've missed something with dealing with his other problems. Does anyone have any things which he should be doing or are there any tests I can do which might highlight a problem - not looking for dx but just don't want to go running to the doc if theres nothing to worry about blush

IndigoBell Fri 09-Sep-11 15:34:21

All of what you listed are symptoms of dyspraxia smile

LIZS Fri 09-Sep-11 15:36:09

agree - worth asking for an assessemnt although you may find he simply outgrows some of the traits while you are waiting for an appointment.

farming4 Fri 09-Sep-11 20:56:53

thanks - guess I just needed a little reassurance that I'm not looking for problems that aren't there. We are seeing his paed next month so I shall raise it with her then. Cheers smile

Dawndonna Sun 11-Sep-11 12:23:10

That all sounds familiar. Somebody once said of DS2, that boy could fall off a carpet! It's true.
Oh, and at sixteen and a half he still can't ride a bike!

cornsylk Sun 11-Sep-11 18:59:59


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