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Gut Feeling - Issue with Teacher Assistant, should I talk about it?

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BlueberryPancake Thu 08-Sep-11 18:02:38

DS had dyspraxia (not very severe) and verbal dyspraxia (severe). Had first morning at school when parents stayed - there were only 6 kids. We had discussion with teacher and the TA was there and playing with the kids. I was not impressed.

Her attitude was very dissapointing. She was abrupt and spoke quite fast. My son was completely intimidated by her and couldn't reply to her questions. She asked him, for example, 'what would you like to drink, milk or water' (speaking really fast). DS said shyly - Juice. She paid no attention at all to what he said and said impatiently 'do you want milk or water'. He said 'milk' and she said 'MILK PLEASE' very loudly. She was quite intimidating. I don't think she had been told that there was going to be a little boy with special needs. He really has difficulty speaking, speaks very quietly, and his speech is not clear at all.

Also, she read a story to the children and all the children would raise their hand to participate and answer her questions, but she never not even once tried to integrate DS in the story. She completely ignored him. Obviously because of his speech he was not going to talk unless given a chance.

I am just upset because I expected her to know about DS - she will be working with him on a daily basis and the teacher knew about DS and was brilliant with him. Should I raise the issue straight away with the teacher so that the TA can receive further training on how to deal with children with speech disorders?

lisad123 Thu 08-Sep-11 18:35:18

yes, i would cetainly have a quiet word with the teacher and explain that your concerned that TA isnt clear on ds difficutlies and would it be possible to meet with her to discuss it.

coff33pot Thu 08-Sep-11 19:46:30

Yes I would or maybe suggest a meeting with both the teacher and the TA together to discuss your concerns. Better to clear the air at the beginning rather than let it all build up inside you.

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